Intuitive Coaching 101–Spiritual & Metaphysical Tools for Peace

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We entered the Gemini Season and this has brought the clashing of ideas. It also causes us to see situations or people as black or white. Some people demand that we take a side instead of walking the middle path. Just being in a room with some people brings on anxiety attacks, especially if you consider yourself to be empathic.

So, this morning I woke up inspired to write a post that gives you tools to bring yourself back to your center. We can experience being in the eye of the hurricane with the following practices. Some of the practices take a few moments to learn while others take longer to learn.

I suggest learning the quick tools first and then finding classes for learning yoga, meditation, sound healing, or Reiki. I know that John Newton is offering his group calls for Ancestral DNA clearing on a sliding fee for June 2020 and you can learn more at Health Beyond Belief.

Udemy has offered classes at a discount, sometimes up to 90% and you can learn Reiki, crystal therapy, sound healing, and other modalities. I also recommend a free Reiki class on YouTube through International Reiki. You will need to pay for the attunements and extra lessons. If you already are attuned to Reiki then remember to do self-treatments on yourself every day and to practice the Reiki 5 Principles for best results. You can also join Reiki circles and send the Universal Life Force to the planet and people going through challenging times.

One of the quickest modalities to learn is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping. You can find videos on YouTube that teach the technique. And you might also check out the Emotional Code.

Sound healing, yoga, meditation, Reiki videos for stress, and self-hypnosis also assist us in finding our center. I prefer Susan Robichaud’s hypnosis channel. As far as Reiki, I prefer Susan Willbanks and Lourdes’ Rest and Relaxationchannels.

Music goes a long way in calming and centering us. Check out my music healing blog, Whole Music Experience. Also, check out Jonathan Goldman’s sound healing site. Or if you enjoy chanting and singing, check out Deva Premal or any number of Kirtan singer channels or recordings.

If you are a drummer or a musician and have access to recording devices, share your music with others or over Zoom for your friends and family members. If you know yoga, teach breathing techniques and poses via YouTube or other social media. Or join a worldwide or prayer event. Time or space doesn’t matter because when we work with energy there is no time or space. This means that you can join a worldwide meditation that was posted weeks or months ago. However, make sure you set an intention for peace for yourself at this moment.

You can also listen to audiobooks by your favorite spiritual authors and teachers.  And you can find most of these teachers and authors on YouTube where they share meditations and other practices on YouTube. One teacher who offers transmissions and empowerment videos is Steve Nobel.

I have offered you several options. I hope you find the best one for you. And if you need a coaching or astrology session, sign up atWhole Astrology (Neptune Girl Astrology). You can also contact me at wholemusicexp at gmail dot com

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