My Calling to Take a Journey with Reiki

It all began with a German shorthair pointer. He requested my help and I was unable to bring him the healing that he required.


Following that cry for help, I felt drawn to animal rescue videos on YouTube. While I didn’t have money to donate to help the animals, I wrote and published two articles featuring animal rescuers and their needed work. But then, I also felt the calling to become an energy healer or channel for animals. Reiki and animal communication came to mind. I had already toyed with animal communication but Reiki seemed like a far stretch.

But the desire became persistent and everyday I thought of becoming a Reiki Master to work with animals. I sobbed when I watched heroic animal rescue videos and holistic vet channels on YouTube. I finally researched local Reiki classes but knew that unless I raised $900 I would not be able to enroll in the programs. That seemed like a dead end until a friend (who is a holistic vet) told me about affordable classes on Udemy and those classes were on sale.

At first, I had my doubts, but the instructor provided an intuitive and easy to follow format that taught me all the basics. True, I would not receive an in-person Reiki attunement ceremony. However, the attunements are still valid and effective even when given at a distance of time and space. If distance Reiki works than so does the attunement ceremony when performed in a different place than the student.

But I am getting ahead of myself. I did not plunge into Reiki right away. I borrowed two Reiki books from the library first (Living Reiki by Melissa Tipton and Self-Reiki by Jasmin Harsono). The public library went into lockdown and allowed us to borrow the books for over two months which was a sign in itself. I also watched Reiki videos on YouTube. One day, I placed crystals in my hands while I watched Lourdes Rest and Relaxation videos. The crystals heated up and vibrated in my hands, especially the Lemurian crystal and the Mookite. I took this as a sign to move forward with my plans.


That’s when I asked people on Facebook where I could find an online Reiki class. And my friend who already enrolled in Lisa Powers’ class encouraged me to to take the class. Right away, I entered my student mode and absorbed all that I could from the lessons even though I thought at the time, I would never remember the hand positions or be able to draw the symbols. I chuckle now because Reiki guides the way.

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears…

I immersed myself in the three levels class and then enrolled in the Animal Reiki, Starting Your Reiki Business, and the Color Therapy and Reiki courses. I also signed up for Animal communication classes (beginning and intermediate) from a different instructor. Shortly after that, when I went for a walk, I discovered an injured bird on the side of the street. I had only just began taking the Reiki course, but instinctively, I beamed Reiki from my palms to the bird.

At first, the bird seemed frightened as she thrashed on the ground. Then, slowly, she calmed down and stopped trembling and flapping her injured wing. She stood up and walked in a zigzag line often stumbling and then getting back on her feet. I kept beaming the Reiki energy towards her. Then her walking became more stable and she pecked at the ground. She tweeted. She still required vet care but I didn’t have a way to transport her to the vet. I encountered this bird two weeks later, a few blocks from the original spot where she was injured. She was on the edge of parking lot adjacent to a city park. She is not the only creature vying for my attention.


I gave myself Reiki sessions twice a day even though I didn’t feel anything coming from my hands. My allergies lighten up and the muscle cramps and pains eventually waned. I am also taking supplements and homeopathic pills (but those work more effectively after learning Reiki). I still had my doubts and the wait for the attunement ceremony was two months. That’s when I met the first Reiki Masters in the Astral…

Makao Usui, the Japanese founder of Reiki appeared in the Astral and he taught me to work with the first three Reiki symbols. He gave me permission to work with the symbols prior to my attunement. I suspect that he attuned me in the Astral. I give thanks to Master Usui, Master Hayashi, and Madame Takata after all my sessions. I feel that they called me to become a Reiki Master and I feel honored.

Lisa also sent us links to meditations for the three levels attunements and those empowered me as well. While I don’t suffer from ADHD, I lose focus easily and I have started many journeys in my lifetime that I never completed. Only time will tell if I stay on the Reiki path. However, with this powerful calling, I doubt this journey will end any time soon. I have experienced visions of working with animals and this warms my heart.

In the meantime, I am following the adage Healer Heal Thyself. I have many emotional triggers and wounds to release with Reiki so that I can effectively channel the Universal Life Force to animals. In my life, I have also felt neglected, abandoned, and abused which is why I connect with animals suffering. But it won’t help the animals if I am triggered and feeling outraged when they require kindness and gentleness.

Today, was like losing my virginity again. I am leaving my old life and venturing onto the Reiki path where ever it leads. While the Reiki attunement ceremony felt anticlimactic since I didn’t experience anything profound, not even heat in my palms or extra energy surging through me, I still believe this is a powerful beginning. And I am proud to walk this path with the other Masters.

Just for today…

I will not worry.

I will not be angry (and I will heal the anger that surfaces)

I will do my work honestly.

I will give thanks for my many blessings.

I will be kind to myself and others.


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I'm a former Washingtonian from Washington State, not Washington DC. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, even though my dream was to live and work in Vermont.

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