What if Healing Sugar Addiction Led to The End Of Corona?

What if cutting sugar from your diet would protect your immune system from the Coronavirus? And what if consuming medicinal mushrooms would further enhance your immunity against viruses?

While I will preface this article by stating that I’m not a medical doctor or expert on these matters, I received intuitive hits several months ago that medicinal mushrooms would bring protection against the Coronavirus and other viruses floating around. I was waiting for the medical experts to step up to the plate and now they have.

However, with any research findings or expert claims, you still need to use the power of discernment and sniff out your own research. Although check out this article (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4322159/) from a government site about Beta-Glucans which are found in mushrooms.

While this finding does not specifically mention the Coronavirus, we are left to wonder.

As far as sugar as a culprit with the virus, check out this video by Dr. Mindy Perlz

The answer is fructose (But this does not include whole fruit)

Even if cutting sugar out of your diet and consuming medicinal mushrooms has the potential to cut your chances of catching the virus, please continue to wear a face mask and practice physical distancing until the spikes in the epidemic ends. Wash your hands and use your common sense.

Again, I’m not a medical expert but this information gives me hope so I thought I would share it with you. Continue to look for legitimate research and to watch videos by medical experts.

If the mushroom formulas are too expensive, try some of the natural product discount sites. You can also buy the mushrooms themselves instead of the supplements. And don’t forget to take Vitamin C with the mushrooms for absorption.

If you are exposed to the virus and develop symptoms, seek help for a medical professional. The holistic and integrative doctors are most likely to be familiar with the research on medicinal mushrooms and other alternatives.

This is another video worth watching even though it was uploaded in March.

After I posted this article, I noticed a warning on a mushroom supplement package that was based on a California law. It turns out that mushrooms might contain lead. So, then I found this article to post here.


I wasn’t aware that mushrooms might contain lead. So, consult with your medical professional before using medicinal mushrooms and do some research. Find out what a healthy dosage is.

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