Capricorn Lunar Eclipse–Anchoring in the Light

In 2020, a year of mayhem or increasing light, depending on your perspective, we experience six eclipses, starting with the powerful January 10 Cancer Lunar eclipse. We are midway the eclipses and the message that comes to me as Deva Premal’s Dakshina plays in the background, is it’s time to anchor in the light.

Fear and anxiety preoccupy people’s minds; the mass media (television and the Internet) send not only words, but destructive signals into bodies causing people to disconnect from the God Source and their higher selves. And yet, the higher selves contain the answers to our many questions as we navigate through the dark waters of conspiracies, lies, and deception. To put it mildly, if people get their news from the outer world then they deceive themselves and only experience the dark oppressive powers.

So, for those people who have fallen away from the light and are trapped in dark cavernous thoughts, here are practices to get you back on the light path. First, remember that a spiritual journey to enlightenment is full of pitfalls and traps–seduction lures us from all corners. Stay alert and tune into your intuition, now more than ever.

People who have fallen off their path do the following things:

  1. They over-consume food, alcohol, or other substances to numb them.
  2. They over-consume material goods that don’t fulfill them.
  3. They spend too much time on social media seeking validation.
  4. They spend too much time on television absorbing lies and deception.
  5. They get lost in dark fantasies and morbid thoughts.
  6. They seek others to fulfill their needs.
  7. Instead of going inward, they follow cues from the outer world.
  8. They rant on social media.
  9. They battle with others.

Here are the tips to get back on the path to enlightenment (which translates to allowing the light in).

  1. Listen to high-frequency music or sound healing recordings.
  2. Practice yoga.
  3. Meditate.
  4. Spend time in nature.
  5. Learn Reiki and use it on yourself.
  6. Watch inspirational movies (but not too many).
  7. Sleep
  8. Eat healthy whole foods (mostly plant-based foods).
  9. Spend time with your pets.
  10. Get off the computer or at least take frequent breaks.
  11. Practice gratitude
  12. Heal your inner wounds.
  13. Integrate your shadows instead of projecting them on others.
  14. Heal passive-aggressive behaviors and defense mechanisms.
  15. Use flower essences to balance your mind-body-spirit.
  16. Love yourself and take good care of your body.

The most important message on this journey is to tap into every spiritual or metaphysical tool you have learned and developed up to this point. You’re going to need every one that you placed in your toolkit. Seek out other like-minded people who are committed to self-empowerment and personal evolution. And if you require professional help in any area of your life, seek it now.

It’s time to anchor in the light. There is a cosmic signature in the planetary transits, eclipses, and world events happening now. We are shifting the planet from fear to love; all is not what it seems. If you feel trapped or catch gloomy thoughts drifting through your mind, then it’s time to find your way back to your path.

Images from Pixabay

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