Astrology in Retrograde to the 1990s

This morning as I was packing up belongings I came across two cassette recordings of astrology readings I received in 1990 and 1994. Even decades later, those recordings hold relevant information and advise for my current challenges.

I met the astrologer at a psychic fair held at Seattle Center in 1989. It was the first time I saw an astrology chart and learned about my Natal planets. Up until that point, I only knew about the Sun Sign, the Moon Sign, and the Rising Sign. When we walked into the room, my friend and I approached a table with astrologers. She and I chose different astrologers and I went with my intuition.

This was back before computer printouts of charts so the astrologer drew my chart and then briefly went over my Natal planets and how they shaped my personality and fostered my skills and talents. I believe it was a fifteen or twenty minute reading around twenty or thirty dollars. I don’t recall the details. When I walked away from the reading, I was hooked on astrology.

Then in 1990 prior to me making a trip to England to pursue a music career, I signed up for another reading with the same astrologer. I was twenty-six years old and traveling my first time abroad–excited and nervous because I was giving everything up to pursue a dream. I even sold my car and gave up my rental situation. The astrologer was friendly but professional delivering the good, bad, and challenges to me. I took it all in stride. I was still fearless at that time in my life and passionate about rock music. My focus was on my music career and also the ways I sabotaged myself emotionally. I wanted to get handle on it.

Then in 1994, years after I came back from England completely broke, homeless (sleeping on floors and couches), moved up in the world to having a lovely apartment in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood, had a job, lost a job, and suffered from a long-term illness, I returned for my final reading with the astrologer. In that session she interpreted my progressions. Also she had computerized charts (so she wasn’t drawing the chart any longer). She mentioned that my Saturn Return was coming up.

It was in this session that the astrologer mentioned that if I ever gave up my music career, I could make a living as a psychic or a career using my intuitive gifts. I had mentioned that I was dabbling with astrology and Tarot cards at the time. I was exploring spirituality more deeply and would continue to do so throughout the 1990s.

As we do with astrology reading recording, I stuffed the tapes in a box and forgot about the readings. However, I never forgot about the astrologer or her professionalism nor her wisdom. Personally, I don’t know why she isn’t famous now because she was that accurate. If she had a YouTube channel now she would blow everyone else out of the water with her accuracy.

When I started reading charts professionally in 2012 I thought about the astrologer. I wanted to connect with her and see if she was still practicing, but I didn’t follow through. She still even from a distance, provided inspiration for me. And I thought of the advice I would give to young people pursuing a career in the arts or metaphysics.

Since visiting this astrologer, I have taken numerous spiritual workshops and attended metaphysical lectures as well as, lectured on metaphysics. I have known many spiritual teachers and healers as professionals and as colleagues. And I probably would have gone this route anyway even if my friend’s prompting to go to a psychic fair never happened.

I also enjoy looking back through the past three decades and the evolution of metaphysics and new age spirituality. When I do that I feel blessed to know what I know and to have met who I met (not to name drop). The 1990s prepared the soil for the spirituality we take for granted today. Back in the early 1990s, we still gained our spiritual wisdom from classes, tapes, and books. We didn’t have blogs, online videos, or lectures a click away. It was a different era still in the shadow of the Mayan Prophecy and the Aquarius Age (which we could only dream about so far in the future).

Sometimes the way we go forward is to step back to the past and reflect. The past several years seem like a whirlwind or like the tornado that landed Dorothy in the Land of Oz. It has felt like a towering Uranus moment and we’re still wiping the ashes from our butts as we pull ourselves off the ground. The wicked witch is our own shadow or perhaps, our projections on to the world.

This is why nostalgia sometimes provides healing. So, kick off your shoes, grab recordings from the past, or photo albums, brew a cup of tea, and climb under the covers. It’s time to retrieve information from the past, perhaps an old card reading in a journal or a cassette of an astrology reading. This is where you discover your personal evolution and you befriend the older versions of yourself. Send love to yourself in all directions. And so it is.

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I'm a former Washingtonian from Washington State, not Washington DC. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, even though my dream was to live and work in Vermont.

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