Romance and The Aquarius Age

A Priest by the name of Valentine secretly promoted courtly love during the 3rd Century AD. During that time, courtly love or the idea of romantic love was forbidden and considered subversive. In fact, the idea of two people falling in love and wedding was forbidden and Valentine was martyred for his actions.

Skip ahead to the Medieval era when troubadours sung forbidden love songs to ladies of the court whose hands were promised elsewhere. And thus we discovered unrequited love while more seeds of romantic love were planted.

Now, many people probably believe that romantic love has always been part of the human experience but it actually came about during the Pisces Age. And romantic love also brought baggage or shadows of co-dependent behavior, narcissistic abuse, and people waiting for their other half to appear magically as presented in fairy tales and romance novels.

Romantic love while it does provide escapism in the form of entertainment also causes more suffering than necessary as couples become entangled and forgetting to become whole within themselves. I’m sure these words sound bitter and cynical to some people reading them. But as we enter this Aquarius Age, love and romance will never be the same.

Yes, we’ll lose the dreamy and gauzy type of love of hearts and flowers or that are movie-like with strings and piano swelling in the background. But we’ll also stop wasting our time waiting for an old lover to return completely transformed and that we’ll live happily ever after. That’s a fairy tale at best and a co-dependent nightmare at its worse. And this is not to say that there are no happy marriages or couples on the planet but what it is to say is that those happy couples are secure within themselves and come to each other as whole and complete (and not perfect) people.

The Pisces Age represented over 2,500 years of martyrs, saints, idealism, romanticism, co-dependency and additions as well as, escapism. On the plus side, this age also taught us about compassion, empathy, (and lack of empathy), fine and performing art, and helped us to write strong narratives and beautiful music with roots in profound love. We enjoyed the magic, enchantment, the cute ways couples came together, attending princess-style weddings, and the money made from weaving this fantastical romance in cards, movies, music, and even blogs.

Recently, a strong narrative that appears in the card readings of psychics hit me on the head like a brick. Thunk! The narrative (and this has been going on for years and from different card readers on YouTube) goes like this.

There is an old love returning and a new love coming in presenting the querent with a choice. For most viewers of the videos, those cards to represent an actual person returning but our subconscious mind revisiting old love relationships so that we finally resolve them and evolve. It’s about seeing the old lovers on the Astral Plane and making peace with them so that new love and a new life comes in. And the viewer makes the choice of either evolving into a new version of themselves or staying in a co-dependent mindset.

Does this mean that there isn’t a literal meaning of the cards for any viewer? There are some viewers who will return to an old love or choose a new one when given the choice. But this is a smaller group of people. There is no logic in believing that thousands of viewers of these videos are experiencing old partners returning and new ones coming into their lives. However, seen through new eyes, or eyes of the Aquarius Age, we can use those narratives as a route to healing and resolving wounds we sustained from co-dependency which does affect most of us.

In the Aquarius Age we approach romance and love with detachment, logic, and practicality. We ask the question, how does this partnership serve the higher good? We come together with a partner as part of a greater community and with a humanitarian mindset in the Aquarius Age. We understand that there is no separation from anyone and all energy and light comes together in Unity. We are all made of light and energy so it doesn’t make sense to insulate ourselves with a single person and not be part of a soul tribe. The Aquarius Age isn’t about me and is about WE.

We also heal the division between women and men because we wed our own masculine and feminine sides to empower ourselves and promote equality. We no longer feel threatened by same sex couples or transgender people because the rainbow contains many colors and we are all part of the rainbow. The rainbow is also an Aquarius symbol as it represents the light (Leo) shining in a prism which creates the rainbow.

Like it or not, when Neptune moves out of Pisces into Aries in 2025, we will experience the popping of romantic bubbles. We will laugh at the sentiments in romantic songs and laugh for different reasons at romantic comedies. Yes, we were fools for love and that was part of our evolutionary journey. We learn about ourselves by who we are and who we are not. We know that Yin contains Yang just as the night sky contains light and the Sun creates shadows during the daylight hours.

If we can let go of the suffering of the past and embrace the future, this is an exciting time to live and love on the planet. Imagine a world where brotherhood and sisterhood actually exist and war no longer exist. Imagine the divisiveness currently in its last throes on the planet finally dissolving as we embrace Unity Consciousness.

Yes, there is the sacrifice of the romantic fantasies and believing that the old partner will return transformed so that we live happily ever after. And the new partner is actually parts of ourselves returning for us to reclaim. This isn’t to say we won’t still fall in love. Since we still have hormones and pheromones we will on a biological level still experience attraction to another. Since we still live in a physical body sexuality will still be part of our experience (or not). But as we evolve even the way we approach sex, our sexual identity, and romance will change drastically–thankfully, not overnight.

So, did Saint Valentine and the troubadours die in vain? No, they died for a cause which at the time was a better option that marriage as an acquisition or bargaining chip. The profound love we discover in the Aquarius Age will have us some day looking back at the romance of the Pisces Age. Evolution is always happening and there’s no turning back or staring over our shoulders at a gauzy and yet, deceptive past.

The love of brotherhood and sisterhood is nothing to scoff at. It’s much better than the desire to possess another human being and make them live out our romantic fantasy and then divorce him or her if they pop our pink bubble. It’s true that some people will find the Aquarius love style lacking in magic and romance. Aquarius people are just as capable of loving and caring for a partner as any other sign. They just don’t show affection in the same way. And the Aquarius Age will feel a lot like a partnership with an Aquarius person.

Like it or not, this is romance in the Aquarius Age. It will take some adjustment and thinking with an expansive mindset. It will take innovation and expanding the concept of love to encompass all of humanity and not just a singular person. It will take a global village to love Gaia back to health. Welcome to the Aquarius Age. The timing couldn’t be better.

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