Root & Sacral Chakra Blockages in Animals

As an animal Reiki practitioner I want to talk about chakras. Yes, animals have chakras and there are empaths and healers who can see those chakras. And just like with humans, when the animal experiences trauma this creates an energy block in the chakras. The first two chakras are the most concern to me. Or at least this is what I’ll address today.

The Root chakra is located on the base of the spine of the animal. And for animal’s with tails (a good many of them), there is a second deep root chakra associated with the tail. While it might seem fashionable to dock the tails of your dog or seemingly go with the breed, when a dog is not born with a shorter tail and the breeder docks the tail, they are essentially creating trauma in the animal and blocking the deep root and the root chakras.

This can lead to anxiety, survival issues (such as being homeless or abandoned) and it can even lead to aggression caused by fear and insecurity. This animal does not believe his or her needs are met. With the second or Sacral Chakra (which represents creativity, the sexual organs, and intimacy), spaying or neutering an animal does block this chakra, especially if the animal saw the experience as traumatic.

Other ways this chakra is blocked is through pregnancy and the pups or kittens taken away from the mother animal too soon. Or the animal gets pregnant and has no mothering skills or desire to mother.

The good news is that energy healing unblocks and restores chakras. This can be done with Reiki or other energy healing modalities. And often the healer will witness the blocked chakras in a session. They may or may not know the cause of the blockage.

Also, if you are planning on buying a dog or cat from breeder ask them not to dock the tails. And I would also advise animal shelters not to spay cats that will be indoor cats, if at all possible (unfortunately, the law requires that the shelter animals are neutered or spayed).

Now, some vets, holistic or otherwise, are on the bandwagon that all animals should be fixed so that they don’t reproduce. And some vets even say that it is better for the animal not to have sexual urges that they can’t fulfill because it could cause the animal to become aggressive. I’m not a medical doctor so I can’t join this debate. But why would a shelter fix a senior female animal who is no longer reproducing anyway when there is some vets saying this can lead to cancer in animals? It needs to be a case-by-case basis. But this is another topic for another time.

Read up on the chakras and what they represent. If you find that your animal is exhibiting certain behaviors check and see if it is chakra related. For instance, A blocked Root Chakra can also lead to hip problems. And if the dog’s tail is docked then there might be some trauma with that. How would you like someone cutting off the base of your spine?

I’m going to end this week’s topic with the hope that I’ve given you food for thought. Again, I’m not a medical doctor. I don’t treat, diagnose or prescribe. My job is to unblock energy in the body so that an animal has a greater chance of healing him or herself. And I recommend medical care from a vet if your animal is experiencing health issues (physical, emotional, or mental).

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