If We Could Talk to the Animals

Did you know that your companion animals want to have a conversation with you? That’s right. They have something to say. Animal communication is more than observing body behavior or barking or meowing. It is telepathic communication mainly using images, emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

Last night as I was falling asleep, a thought occurred to me that animals have dreams and desires in a similar way to humans. When I fostered a dog I had no idea at the time that he was already visualizing the type of home he wanted to reside in. He wanted to live with people who took him for two or three good walks a day where he could sniff and explore his surroundings. He wanted dog companions to play with. He wanted to eat raw meat and cooked vegetables. He wanted to be protected from the damp weather by wearing a dog jacket. And he wanted to take more trips to the beach.

He wanted to live in a quiet home with peace-loving people. And he manifested all of his desires. He is now enjoying his 13th year in the home of his dreams with people who are devoted to his well-being. He lives like a king.

When I fostered this future dog king, a vet said that he probably wouldn’t live for another year because at the time he was overweight, anxious, and miserable about his living situation. When we communicate with companion animals or even urban wildlife, we learn that animals have similar concerns as humans.

We all want our basic needs met and to have time for relaxing and fun. While that might sound like anthropomorphizing from a person who watched too many Disney movies as a child revolving around talking animals, in reality, I have been astonished at the conversations I’ve had with real animals. I hope my words rock your world just a little and turn it upside down. Animals are not biological robots. They have souls and aspirations. They are capable of telepathic conversations and who knows what else.

What is your animal saying to you? Want to find out? Book an animal communication session with me. I’m available the first three weeks of June. Look me up also at Pet Works.

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I'm a former Washingtonian from Washington State, not Washington DC. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, even though my dream was to live and work in Vermont.

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