Transition into a Post-Pandemic

We all know that it’s inevitable that the world return to semi-normal. People will return to the office or workplace, shops reopen along with face-to-face activities without masks. But what can we do now to prepare ourselves for post-pandemic times?

Well, here’s a list of what I’ve done throughout the “new normal” because I kept it in mind that life would return to normal activities. And one of the other thing to remember is to not cave into fear or panic. Fear is contagious and destructive. It harms immunity and keeps people stranded in depression.

  1. Show up every day. Make your bed, clean your room, dress for success, even if you’re only staying home. Don’t lounge around in your sweats all day. Put on some makeup, comb your hair and then it will be easier later to get back into your normal routine (prior to the pandemic lockdowns).
  2. Find ways to keep yourself motivated whether that’s listening to motivational coaches, reading self-help books, or listening to your favorite music.
  3. Exercise everyday (no excuses).
  4. Give up bad habits including eating junk food or comfort foods that destroy immunity.
  5. Learn new skills online (I found free classes through a public library and Udemy has sales on classes several times a month).
  6. Network through social media, email, and blogs.
  7. Apply for all applicable funding whether that’s unemployment benefits, food subsidies, or small business loans. Don’t allow your pride to get in the way.
  8. Try something new. I have an image of a woman who borrows a sewing machine and was able to produce sellable items.
  9. Open an online shop if possible or find alternative streams of income.
  10. Bond with your pets or children or partner. Now, is a good time to clear up misunderstandings.
  11. Remain in a positive mindset knowing that it’s okay to feel and resolve your emotions when they come up. Just don’t buy into the doom that is circulating around the world. And don’t take on other people’s problems. Focus on solving your own.

If you follow these examples you will be ready to reemerge into the world. I also advise to take things slowly and be gentle with yourself. We are coming out of a grand experiment on a global scale. We are like the bear coming out of hibernation not knowing what she’ll find in the forest.

Remember that life goes on. It’s okay to feel angry for the losses we experienced and to feel grief and other dark emotions. You might need to hire a therapist to help you sort through the emotions and put your life back in perspective. You’re never alone. We all have our stories to tell–some tragic and some merely frustrating or annoying.

Welcome back. Hopefully, we evolved as a species and will make wise and courteous choices in the future. Life is precious so don’t squander it.

Published by pnwauthor

I'm a former Washingtonian from Washington State, not Washington DC. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, even though my dream was to live and work in Vermont.

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