5 Overlooked Gemstones (With Super Abilities)

While some people flock to sporting events, and others festivals, my favorite gathering (when I still went to gatherings) were gem shows. As a metaphysical practitioner gemstones are part of my healing kit. But even before that, when I was still a novice, I hung out in the Nature Company store in Seattle (1980s) learning about the various polished rocks that caught my eye.

There are people who talk to animals (I do). There are people who talk to trees. And there are people like me who talk to rocks. And you’ll find me anywhere rocks hang out such as beaches and crystal shops. And what I’ve noticed is that people flock to the prettiest or the most expensive stones, often overlooking, and pun intended, more of the common semi-precious gemstones. Here are five stones that deserve more attention but are too humble to call attention to themselves.

  1. Clear Quartz

Well, wait a minute, you’re thinking, isn’t clear quartz used throughout metaphysical practices? And the answer is no and yes. Over the past decades, a variety of clear quartz ranging from elestial quartz to Lemurian quartz, and trigonic quartz have come on the scene. The cost for clear quartz varies too especially when a new age label is slapped on them. But the plain clear quartz works just fine as a master healer. It’s an all-around crystal and if you only had one crystal or stone, clear quartz meets your needs.

2. Jasper

Some types of jasper are in popular demand such as Mookite and bumble bee jasper. But jasper is another stone that gets looked over unless it’s blended with agate or has eye-popping colors.

Personally, I have tons of jasper, most of which I found on beaches in Washington State. This stone works well for energy-healing practices and also helps in dealing with childhood trauma and other emotional wounding. Red jasper or the brown jaspers are wonderful for grounding. My Rainbow Jasper which I found on a beach in Bellingham, Washington, is one of my Reiki grounding stones.

3. Sodalite

I have two and I haven’t worked with them often. In fact, it was the Sodalite stones who asked me why I don’t use them in my Reiki practice? I had placed them in a box that was then placed in a plastic crate (not a good fate for a gemstone).

According to Judy Hall in her The Encyclopedia of Crystals said that Sodalite is healing for sick building syndrome, electro-magnetic stress, panic attacks, self-trust, lowering blood pressure and a host of familiar ailments. It even brings emotional balance and is protective of EMFs around our computers.

4. Citrine

Citrine is one of the rocks you find on the beaches here and so I’m guilty of taking this golden-yellow Leo stone for granted. According to Judy Hall, “It is particularly beneficial for attracting abundance…” And if you place the stone on the left side of your work station or desk or in a money jar, it draws in money. It actually does!

And even if Citrine did not boasts healing properties and bring prosperity, it’s a gorgeous stone. I know I feel upbeat and optimistic when I wear my citrine heart. And similar to quartz, there are a variety of citrine crystals ranging from relatively inexpensive to pricy. But hey, Citrine also brings you prosperity so splurge.

5. Green Aventurine

I’ve had a medium-size green aventurine since my 20s. I bought the stone at the Nature Company store for a few dollars. I only bought it because it was pretty and I liked the way it felt in my hands. I didn’t know at the time that green aventurine also is a stone for prosperity and according to Judy Hall this stone protects against psychic vampirism. She also calls the stone “a gambler’s talisman.”

I know when I carry a small green aventurine with me I’m less likely to miss ferry and bus connections. I call it my traveler’s stone. And any green stone is associated with the heart chakra. I use green aventurine in my Reiki healing practice with animals.

Okay, so these stones don’t possess the same allure as Moldavite, but you can save your money and still get a bang for your buck with the five stones mentioned in my short article. When I started out I only had a handful of stones including rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst, green aventurine, tiger’s eye, sodalite, and moonstone (which I nearly added to this list).

I also suggest researching fluorite, calcite, and agate because some of these stones are also powerful and inexpensive, with the exception of polished blue calcite.

If you enjoyed this article and all things metaphysical, sign up for a session with me. Check out my services in the tabs and then contact me. Metaphysical exploration is fun, educational, and deeply healing.

Image of crystals by Carla Burke, Pixabay.com

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