5 Gemstones for Sleeping, Dreaming, and Astral Travel

Did you know blue apatite solves insomnia but also will leave you feeling groggy the next morning? And labradorite and amethyst help with dream recall? Blue kyanite and lepidolite are also good stones for healing insomnia and falling deeply into la-la land.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com
  1. Lepidolite–When I searched for polished blue calcite to resolve anxiety, a store clerk at a new age shop highly recommended lepidolite to me. I knew already that many Reiki practitioners rally behind this overlooked stone. So, I thought I would give it a try.

It turns out that lepidolite eases depression, relieves insomnia, and even lends itself to deep dream work. I’m now one of those Reiki practitioners raving about lepidolite. And it’s relatively an inexpensive stone that new age shops carry.

2. Polished Blue Kyanite–This is one of those stones that can easily be overlooked. I don’t even know why I bought it. But then when I slept with blue kyanite underneath my pillow, I traveled deeply into the Astral Plane, conversed with angels and other higher level beings as well as, fell asleep easily. The downside is that one can oversleep when working with Blue Kyanite. It is also a good meditation stone.

3. Amethyst–Growing more popular over time, there are several kinds of amethyst now. And the price tag has risen over the years too as more new agers and metaphysical practitioners gravitate towards working with this purple or lavender stone.

It is high-vibrational and works well for any type of energy-healing work, dream work, or meditation. I love using this stone for dream recall and also for getting a good night’s sleep. I also use it in my Reiki practice for animals and myself.

4. Labradorite--This flashy stone attracts us at gem shows and new age shops. I even have a blue labradorite necklace that I love. But besides being among the most beautiful gemstones, labradorite is an excellent stone for dream recall and for deeper sleep experiences. However, it is a pricy stone, especially if you purchase a larger stone. I find that it’s actually less expensive at gift shops than at gem shows.

5. Blue Apatite–I just started experimenting with this beautiful blue-green stone. I bought a smaller pocket stone in the past to help me with vertigo and it does work well for that. Then last night, I slept with a blue apatite stone underneath my pillow and the downside was that I felt groggy and had trouble waking up the next morning.

However, this stone works wonders for astral travel, deep meditation, energy-healing, and for conversing with high-level spirit beings.

My list is a short one and these are not the only gemstones or crystals that help us journey into the spiritual realms or to experience better sleep. However, I’ve experienced with agate, quartz crystals, citrine, larimar, angelite, celestite, and numerous other stones and found the five on my list to have the best results with meditation, Reiki sessions, astral work, and dream recall.

The stones on my list are relatively inexpensive and you only need one or two to work with. I hope you enjoyed this article and please share your comments about your favorite stones for meditating, getting deeper sleep, and traveling in the Astral Plane.

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