5 Benefits I Received From a Reiki Practice

Even though I’ve known about Reiki since the 1990s, I didn’t train as a Reiki practitioner until the spring and summer of 2020. Some practitioners and masters say that Reiki finds you and at the right time.

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I found that it is a mistake not to continue the self-Reiki practice that begins with the first attunements (a set of Reiki initiations with the Reiki master transferring the Reiki Universal Life Force with the students). I have practiced self-Reiki every day since my attunements which took place in June of 2020. And I’ve pushed through the resistance and boredom that have surfaced, which often causes a Reiki practitioner to stop giving themselves the daily treatment.

Reiki is often a subtle and gentle energy that is not easy to articulate. It combines well with other healing modalities. However, I read recently that the founder of Reiki (but not of hands-on healing which has been with humanity for thousands of years), was looking for a deep spiritual practice with healing benefits and not a healing modality with spiritual components. So, perhaps, delving into Zen Buddhism would only enhance the Reiki journey. I know that I feel more connected to Japan after learning Reiki and Zen Buddhism is on my mind as in I’ll soon pick up books to explore this spiritual practice.

Prior to learning and practicing Reiki I was easily triggered by other people’s behaviors. I was more judgmental and more likely to take sides as with dualism. I suffered from anxiety due to complex childhood PTSD. Despite all the coaching and psychology videos I watched on this topic, the books I read, and even using other healing modalities, I honestly was not making any progress on my healing journey. I figured I was stuck with this condition and had to learn how to not be triggered.

After learning Reiki, getting attuned, practicing on animals, and especially giving myself Reiki every day along with sound healing (tuning forks and singing bowls) plus adding crystals to my sessions, I’m less likely to be triggered by other people’s behaviors. My intuition is heightened even though I always thought of myself as highly intuitive. I also feel more unified with the natural world so it’s good that my Reiki practice is with animals and plants.

Physically, Reiki has pointed out the stress levels in my body and shown me that hyper-awareness caused by the childhood abuse needs to be addressed and can be addressed by placing my own hands on my body and allowing unconditional love to flow into my body. Reiki has also pointed out to me dietary changes, given me the love of exercise, and reminds me to drink more water. I even brought back green tea for myself.

The biggest benefit though has been a development of mindfulness, to pause, reflect, and take deep breaths. I know that staying in this moment is the best way to navigate my life even though my mind tends to drift into the future which triggers worries and doubts. Then I remember the Reiki Precept, “Just for today, I do not worry.”

So, here are the five main benefits I have received from practicing Reiki (I was trained in the three levels, but only practice levels 1 and 2 at this point).

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Relaxing my body
  3. Releasing judgment and developing compassion for others
  4. Setting stronger boundaries and stop fixing other people
  5. Allow others to hit bottom so that they seek the help they require

I realize that I’m only responsible for myself and how I conduct myself in the world. I’m responsible for my own healing journey but there are times when I seek help from others. The more I give I receive but when I feel depleted I trust that this is a relay race and there are times when it’s best to hand the baton to the next runner.

The Earth is not a school but life is a journey or if we want to see it, an adventure. Reiki provides that connect to the Creator or what is also known as the Universal Life Force. There is nothing that Reiki can’t handle, just like there is nothing God can’t resolve. Even though some Reiki practitioners and skeptics want to see the scientific proof that Reiki heals us, I don’t need the proof like the others do. I have witnessed the results in my personal life and also in the lives of my animal clients.

And don’t let anyone tell you that the only way to learn Reiki is in person and by paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars to train. I learned Reiki from a Reiki Master who uploads her courses on the Udemy platform. That’s right, I learned online and yes, I put in the necessary hours and practice. When I decided to go deeper I called on the spirit of Makao Usui, the founder of this particular modality, Reiki. And I felt an extra pair of hands giving me Reiki as well as, received teachings from Usui, which I’m humble and grateful.

I encourage everyone to at least learn the 1st Level of Reiki. I guarantee if you take the training to heart and practice on yourself everyday for the remainder of your life, Reiki will transform you. It truly will. (I was once a Reiki skeptic but not any longer).

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I'm a former Washingtonian from Washington State, not Washington DC. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, even though my dream was to live and work in Vermont.

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