Reiki Self-Practice Accelerates Spiritual Development

When I first signed up for a Reiki course, I was unaware of the spiritual component. And I was also unaware of the practice of giving ourselves a Reiki session everyday.

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I also don’t know if I would learn all three levels within the span of two months. And that’s because the Master Level is more intense than I would have expected and I’m still evolving into Level despite being attuned and trained in three levels. But that’s another story. Although, a year and half after receiving my attunements, I’m diving into my spiritual evolution more deeply than ever. I’m even thinking of picking up books on Zen Buddhism, which is completely new to me.

The first thing I learned after immersing myself in Reiki training, is that Reiki changes lives. Reiki completely rearranged mine. My plan of learning Reiki to give to animals and start a practice for animals morphed into a spiritual quest and an intense detoxing process for myself. I’ve tweaked my diet, changed my wardrobe, started playing cedar flutes, dived into sound therapy training, and I’ve gained insight into my bad habits and the root causes of them.

It wasn’t that my love of animals diminished but that I forged a deeper connection to myself by bonding with animals through Reiki. The Universal Life Force reminded me that I’m connected to all that is and not only that, my psychic abilities reached stellar heights. Spiritual channeling came more easily to me as does spiritual wisdom coming to me in downloads each night.

And part of this because I practice Reiki on myself every morning. If I’m short on time, I give myself a short treatment but I never skip a day. I understand why Reiki practitioners and students might stop treating themselves to Reiki because at times it is boring and feels like nothing is happening (even though Reiki always works on some level). Other times, it seems like five-minutes for each hand position is too long. This leads to restlessness.

But I found that after reading Reiki books, trying new meditations, and connecting with other practitioners, recharges my connection to Reiki. I recommend picking up every book on Reiki possible and libraries often carry a good collection of Reiki books. I don’t recommend any book in particular because I believe that the right book comes to the practitioner at the perfect time. Reiki works in this way. And some people say that even Reiki finds us at the right time. I know it did for me.

Practicing Reiki everyday has the following benefits:

It provides self-care which we all sorely need

Self-Reiki cleanses the aura and balances the chakras

Reiki recharges our batteries (so don’t use feeling too exhausted as an excuse)

We learn new techniques the more we practice

Psychic abilities flourish and reach new heights

We heal others because Reiki always goes where it is needed

We bring healing to parts of our body (we didn’t even know needed healing)

Reiki goes to the root of a problem

We feel more peaceful and centered

Some practitioners say that Reiki boost immunity (it has for me)

But if you’re not convinced then try learning other types of Reiki such as Reiki with crystals, or combined with sound therapy. Invite your pets to join you during your self-Reiki session or even your plants. I’ve given Reiki to the birds in the garden during my sessions.

While learning all three levels is a commitment most people don’t need to take on, learning Reiki Level One is a must for everyone. This is the introduction to the hand positions and basic knowledge of Reiki including its history. Reiki Level One is all you need to practice on yourself, your pets, and those closest to you. Whereas, Reiki Level Two includes the powerful symbols and giving distance sessions. And the Master Level (which we’re are fortunate to be able to learn during our era), is where we delve deeply into a spiritual path and answer our dharma or life quest.

So, if you are already trained as a Reiki practitioner and you have fallen out of the daily habit of self-treatment, now is the best time to get back to it. The benefits are immense (which you already know). Personally, I’ve not missed a day since my training for giving Reiki to myself. I started before I was attuned too.

And my reason for that is if I’m not a clear channel and I’m bringing my stuff to a session with an animal client, I’m blocking the way for a powerful healing session for my clients. And I also want to stay connected to Reiki because I enjoy the energy surging through my body.

If you are a Reiki practitioner or want to learn Reiki, leave your comments below. And if you practice every day, share your experiences here. Also try out a session for your pet by signing up on my Animal Reiki page. When I treat your pet, I treat you too.

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