Some Health Effects of the Taurus Lunar Eclipse

First, I must say that I’m not a medical professional so take everything I say with a grain of salt. If you are experiencing health concerns, please see your medical professional. However, here are some physical or emotional issues you might be experiencing around the Taurus Lunar Eclipse.

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Taurus rules the throat, neck, and shoulders so you might be experiencing aches, pains, or tension in these areas of your body. Scorpio rules the sexual organs (not the ovaries) and the body’s elimination system. It also is ruler of the Root Chakra so you might be experiencing discomfort in those parts of your body.

Since this is also a Lunar Eclipse and the Moon which rules cycles is in Taurus where it is exalted, women who still menstruate could be experiencing weird cycles at this time (such as late periods or an unexpected one. There might be cramps and intense mood swings as needing to release repressed anger or sadness).

Spiritually, some people experience a Kundulini Awakening or one or more chakras might experience blocked Kundulini energy trying to get through. Depending on which part of the body this block is occurring it brings on headaches, burning, hot flashes sore throats, or extreme emotions releasing themselves. This is certainly a heightened emotional time anyway. A sore throat is most likely now so clear the throat chakra.

Mentally, our values are changing and shifting which causes us to feel fearful or alarmed. Work through this with a therapist or coach if needed. We can become opinionated or manipulative of others who don’t share our opinions. We also might experience stubborn attitudes in ourselves or others. And let’s not forget about projections and shadows which occur more intensely around a Full Moon, and especially and eclipsed Moon. I also see large animals becoming demanding and expressing themselves emotionally through odd behaviors. Animals are affected by the Moon cycles.

Connection to the Leo Solar Eclipse from August 21, 2017 which was at 29 degrees and the Taurus Lunar Eclipse squares the Leo Solar Eclipse degrees (off by 2 degrees). People impacted by the Leo Solar Eclipse from August 2017 are going to also experience the Taurus Lunar Eclipse of November 19, 2021 because of the transiting degrees in their Natal Charts with another Fixed Sign, in this case Taurus and Scorpio at (rounded off) 27 degrees of a Fixed Sign. Granted different houses in the Natal Chart will experience the impact.

I believe that the Taurus Lunar Eclipse brings closure and a completion to the energies that began with the Leo Solar Eclipse from August 2017. I’m pleased with that because the Leo Solar Eclipse rendered me without a permanent home and only now I’m getting my bearings and I will be relocating to a new state in 2022. For others, there might have been a divorce or some kind of ending with the Leo Solar Eclipse that also marked a new phase or beginning that is concluding or culminating with the Taurus Lunar Eclipse. For others, their creativity is suddenly unblocked and they feel like the Sun is shining on them again after a four-year Dark Night of the Soul journey.

If you are a diligent student of astrology also look up all the degrees of eclipses in a Fixed Sign (Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo) since 2017. Then if you kept a spiritual journal see what happened for you during those times. Note that it has been four years since the last series of Fixed Sign eclipses which occurred in Leo and Aquarius and now we are entering the Taurus-Scorpio axis with the North Node moving into Taurus in January of 2022.

So, if you are experiencing dramatic events or health issues now, practice extreme self-care. If you can take the day off or two or three days off ideally, spend time outdoors and witness Mother Nature and her cycles. Leave your phone and other devices at home and give your full attention the the natural world and your place in it. If you have a problem with silence and inactivity ask yourself why that is. Journal about it.

I hope I have you contemplating the hidden and overt powers of the Taurus Lunar Eclipse. Next up on December 4 we will experience the fiery Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. That one is about freedom and room to roam. Perhaps, travel will open up again, if not, do some wild traveling in your mind.

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