Benefits to Healing Childhood or Wounds from Abuse

First, I’m not a psychologist or mental health counselor. So the ideas in this article are from my own experiences about healing childhood wounds and emancipating myself from abusive situations. I highly recommend and encourage working with a mental health professional to anyone recovering from abuse, neglect, or trauma from dealing with people suffering from personality disorders.

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And I recommend adding energy healing, help from a medical doctor, and a meditation teacher to your list. While watching videos on childhood abuse, narcissism, and the emotional and psychological results has its merits, especially when presented by qualified professionals, one-on-one sessions with an expert in helping someone recover from any kind of abuse.

However, make sure that the mental health professional has a background and experience specifically related to narcissistic or other types of abuse (or healing childhood wounding). Life coaches are not a substitute for a trained mental health counselor but can partner with one or be used as adjunct therapy.

With all that in mind, there are other types of therapies that help with the healing journey such as shamanic soul retrievals, hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki (even though a Reiki practitioner cannot legally diagnose, prescribe, or treat a specific conditions unless they also hold a medical license). Once you have your medical professionals on board, feel free to explore other types of therapies.

This could even include working with Bach Flower Remedies or other flower essences to take the edge off the healing process. I know I have used them. Homeopathic remedies prove useful too but it’s even better to work with a qualified homeopathic doctor.

For self-development you might wish to consult with a nutrition expert or even a yoga instructor or personal coach because our daily habits of self-care such as exercising, eating healthy whole foods, and making sure we get enough sleep help with the healing journey. And make no mistake, healing from abuse (even abuse from decades ago) is a healing journey and there are no quick fixes or miracles cures.

Some of that journey is through a dark tunnel and some of the feeling that come up hardly feeling pretty or civilized and yet, those are the emotions and feelings that require resolution so to ignore them is to your own detriment. This is why having medical professionals at hand is crucial.

What I discovered when I tried to cover up my core wounds with quick fixes and pseudo spiritual bandages, my life spiraled out of control. The core wounds held subconscious beliefs rooted deeply in childhood memories which I also refused to face. It makes sense that a child is not developed enough to handle certain situations that appear in his or her life so the child develops defense mechanisms that served the child at the time of the abuse or neglect but becomes a double-edge sword as an adult.

What I discovered by running away or hiding from the wounds is that people would come into my life to push their fingers into those wounds. And not only people mirrored those wounds, situations did too such as homelessness, unemployment, and other types of deemed failures. I sunk deeper into despair and I experienced emotional paralysis as if I was starring in a Hitchcock thriller–I didn’t know who I could trust any longer. And meanwhile, the wounds festered underneath my ambitions which led no where.

It wasn’t that I didn’t acknowledge that I had wounds. I noticed them alright and I talked the death of them to anyone who would listen. It’s just that I didn’t take full responsibility for them because it was easier to blame others for their bad behaviors or the economy or the bad housing markets. I even went to therapy and was even committed to the various therapies I tried. I cleared ancestral DNA, I experienced soul retrievals by shamans, and I read the books recommended to me.

But the clincher for me was that I had to stop placing myself in harm’s way of abusive people. And in order to do that, I had to empower myself which went beyond setting boundaries and was more or less me taking a leap of faith and then detoxing emotionally and psychologically for the ways others have treated.

And I include myself on that list too because I also treated myself badly by placing myself in harm’s way in the first place and then fooling myself that I couldn’t do any better and that was my lot in life. And I also convinced myself that no genuinely good person would want me around because I was so seriously flawed like damaged goods you return to a store.

I forced myself to face the monsters from different parts of my psyche (Inner Child, Inner Teen, and others).

So, besides, regular therapy with a therapist who is an expert in healing wounds sustained by abuse and has a proven track record of resolving those wounds, learn energy-healing to use on yourself. Learn which crystals or gemstones help with healing the effects of abuse. Work with sound therapy and I recommend the flower essences again even if it’s just the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. Learn Emotional Freedom Technique to use when you feel overwhelmed or when you have been triggered by another person or event.

As an astrologer I can see in a chart when someone has suffered abuse and some of my clients have already done the work of resolving the core wounds from the abuse. For others, I recommend they seek a therapist because astrology only shows the soul blueprint unless it is used by a professional psychologist or mental health counselor versed in other modalities like astrology.

However, once the abuse and the wounds are resolved with therapy, then we see the magic and potential in an astrology soul blueprint. This is when the client has the courage, confidence, and empowerment to tap into the gifts in their charts and find a more fulfilling path to travel.

If we look around the world right now and see the rising statistics for anxiety disorder and clinical depression as well as, the rise in awareness of narcissistic and domestic abuse/violence, we see that there is a need for each of us to address our core wounds. Once we heal or resolve those wounds, we are less likely to become triggered, less likely to fall for gas lighting, and more likely to reclaim our personal power and make changes in the world.

But those changes in the world will not happen until each of us heals our core wounds. (We all have them even people who haven’t been abused by anyone. They have still be abused by the systems in which we reside).

In the meantime, watch my video from the Lyra Star Messenger and if you don’t already have a mental health counselor, try the Psychology Today directory of therapists or ask your insurance company for counselors in your area.

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