Indulge Your Inner Child

In the new age and alternative healing communities we hear about healing the inner child. And part of that healing is to resolve any deprivation we experienced as a child and to give that inner child a voice or a way to express his or her authentic self.

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And this could be as buying yourself a toy that you wanted as a child but were denied for religious, economic, or other reasons. If you wanted a train set, if you wanted to collect Matchbox cars, or dolls, or maybe a particular doll, or even a water pistol (because they were seen as violent), then now is the time to walk into a toy store and purchase this toy for yourself.

This idea comes to me every time I walk past a toy store. There are plush animals in the windows and even though I had many plush toys as a child, I still crave them. This isn’t the adult part of me but the inner child who values the softness and the animal essence of the toys.

Someone also stole two of my plush toys including a vintage snow leopard in 2015. And oddly, when my toys were stolen I sunk into the depths of my hurt inner child.

And if it isn’t toys your inner child craves perhaps it is the experience of visiting a local aquarium or even a fish shop. Maybe it’s a trip to the zoo or a short road trip to a fun and beautiful place. Maybe it’s going on a camping trip because you didn’t get to camp as a child but other children did. Or maybe it’s indulging in eating popsicles (which by the way you can make healthy versions of).

You can adopt the Artist Date that was created by the author and teacher Julia Cameron where once a week, you go on a date with yourself to do something that indulges your inner child or creative part of you. And speaking of creativity, get out the color crayons, coloring books, finger paints, or have someone paint your face. Creativity is healing for the inner child and for your adult self.

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Finally, if you were restricted from wearing certain colors, then now is the time to buy clothing in those colors and wear it. If you were denied viewing certain movies (that other children were able to watch) then watch that movie now if it still appeals to you. Perhaps, you weren’t permitted to listen to rock or pop music. You get the picture.

Interview your inner child in a journal and ask him or her what she desires at this time but is afraid to ask (because they fear rejection). Most likely, it’s a simple thing like petting a puppy or playing with a cat or painting, drawing, playing with toys, or watching that train travel around the tracks of a train set. Or you might find yourself playing with Legos.

Due to your gender you might not have been permitted to play with certain toys and your older brother had toys you desired such as a microscope or again, the train set. You might have felt disappointed when all you got for gifts were dolls and you preferred to climb trees and play sports. Or maybe you were denied a bicycle because your parents couldn’t afford one. What is it for you?

Hopefully, you’ll find ways to bring joy and peace to your inner child. And by doing this, it helps with your healing path. And when we indulge our inner child, we are less likely to throw tantrums or sabotage our efforts in the world of adults. Imagine what the world would look like if we all listened to our inner child and created something beautiful from the experience. Remember that the inner child is connected to our creativity and imagination. The inner child brings us joy and playfulness while allowing us to let our guard down and be silly for a moment.

(I also see someone who was denied dance classes as a child. Take a dance class now as an adult).

In an upcoming article I will explore the astrological aspects and placements in a Natal Chart that refer to childhood abuse or neglect.

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical or psychological professional. The information in this article is partially channeled and from my own experiences and observations in healing my inner child. And this information is for adults connecting to their inner child and not for actual children.

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