End of the Pisces Age (and the era of tricksters)

With Neptune going direct today after being in a retrograde for the last six months, I’m delving into Neptune’s energy. I don’t call myself the Neptune Girl Wearing Space Boots for nothing. Neptune is on many people’s minds as we exit the Pisces Age, no small fete. And what is this going to mean for humanity and the planet?

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We learn to get out of our heads and into our hearts. We learn that mindfulness starts in the heart and not the mind. It starts with connection our hearts to your minds. And oddly, during the Pisces Age we lost the connection to our hearts as we were seduced by the machinations of the mind. The lungs play a role too since breathing is essential to our spiritual and our physical self. Meditation is not just about calming the monkey mind it’s also about activating the Heart Chakra.

So, how fitting that as we enter the Aquarius Age which has to do more with the brain and neurological system and less with the heart unless you pull in the axis of Leo, that we we become more focused on the heart. And we do this through energy-healing, different forms of meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, dance, walking in nature, and sound therapy. We do this also by listening to or performing music. And these are from Pisces and Neptune!

So, as we enter the next age and stand in awe of this new dawn, we must remember that each astrological age pours into the next one. That is why we still experience remnants of the Aries and Taurus ages. These memories run deep in our DNA and in the collective consciousness. In the quantum world all timelines exist at the same time and history is an illusion simply because it exist in the here and now. And yet, our brains can only function in one reality or realm at a time or start to malfunction. At least that it is how we are in our evolution thus far.

Oddly, the Pisces Age was a time of experimenting with the mind (brain) and exploring the edges of the neurological system which are part of the Aquarius Age. So, then every age contains pieces of the other ages. We told people to follow their hearts but really what we said was to get stuck in the mind. The heart is about feeling and emotions and not thoughts which are in the realm of the brain. Do you see where this is going?

And as we exit the Pisces Age, we see through the veil of illusions spun by Neptune in its lower octave. We see the dangers of hypnosis and the forming of mass consciousness which is more or less programming and not of the beneficial kind. We see psychology being used to manipulate the masses and to get us caught in addictions and consumerism which takes us further and further away from our heart center.

And this is exactly what the powers-that-be, also known as the Elite wanted. If we can take humanity away from the heart center which is where our intuition and discernment reside, we can enslave and manipulate humans and other creatures. We can use trick mirrors and the magical trick of which cup contains the ball. But if you follow the eye movements of the seducer you find the truth and you can no longer be tricked. That’s where we are now. We’re on to the tricks. And we promise ourselves we will be tricked no more.

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