10th Anniversary of Whole Astrology

It’s hard to believe that a decade has passed since I launched my Whole Astrology blog and astrology practice. And while the business has not been a huge success to make it this far despite all the challenges I faced (during the past ten years), speaks volumes.

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Add to that, I’m an introvert so writing blogs and appearing in YouTube videos did not come naturally to me even if I have a background in writing and broadcasting. I also felt that I had to have permission from the great or classic astrologers or at least some kind of validation for my practice.

At one point, the late Donna Cunningham complimented me on my work. I had turned to her in regard to the children born during the late 1980s and early 1990s which she carefully researched and for pediatric astrology (which she championed). I was truly sad when she died because of her contribution to modern astrology. Her book on the Moon was one of the first real astrology books I read in my twenties.

When I first began professionally reading charts (and teaching workshops) in 2012, it took me at least 8 hours of research of a chart before I met face-to-face with a client. Since I didn’t have an office, I met with clients in public places such as cafes and I think at library at one point. I signed up to give astrology readings through a new age shop but that never panned out. I also wrote astrology columns for free new age publications which ended up being a waste of my time. I received no comments for my columns nor any clients.

Since I didn’t study business in college, that was the part of my practice where I made the most mistakes. I was also a self-taught astrologer which put me at a disadvantage from those who had famous mentors or attended an astrology program such as Kepler College in Washington State. This left me feeling insecure and not likely to sound the horn with the exception of teaching workshops, giving presentations, and handing out business cards.

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The Whole Astrology blog did well for the first two to three years and then astrologers turned away from blogs and headed to YouTube. In 2015, I jumped into the YouTube platform but my videos were far from slick and I suffered from OCD every time I made a mistake, sometimes with chart calculations (not good). I built a modest following as I learned the craft of making a YouTube video and improving my astrological skills.

Out of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn, Blogger, and YouTube brought me clients. Facebook did for a brief time but since I never bought any Facebook ads, that glory ended quickly. I am in the process of leaving Facebook in favor of more ethical media platforms.

As far as clients, I’ve worked with mostly women and I’ve read the charts of a handful of men. I’ve experienced generous donations through PayPal and Patreon to smooth out the times when I had zero clients and several months could pass with zero clients despite my efforts on YouTube.

I have stuck with the practice because of the generous clients and the exciting transits we’ve experienced since 2012. Remember the Leo Solar Eclipse during August of 2017? And in recent years, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and also the rare Saturn conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius. And in 2022, Jupiter aligns with Neptune in Pisces (also rare).

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I believe that astrology provides us with our soul blueprints which I’ve been saying since 2013 (and now I hear other astrologers using that term). Astrology also provides us with a road map for our future by also showing us the many timelines that lay out before us. When astrology and astronomy combine the cosmic field grows in intensity. Astrology will transform and shift like everything else. The Earth’s magnetic fields will change and the poles shift along with that.

And yeah, there’s all the drama in the world, but for me it seems to be fading, at least from my conscious viewpoint. Astrology helps us transcend the world of darkness and chaos but first we need to learn its language and understand its codes. And that’s something to pursue within the next decade.

In the meantime, thank you for joining me on this wild ride. Thank you for exploring astrology and keeping it relevant. And thank you for signing up for readings with me. I’m honored to be your astrological guide.

Thank you to current and former Patreons, subscribers, followers, viewers of my blog articles, clients, and the Higher Self channel for bringing more traffic to my YouTube channel Astrologer Patricia

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