Reiki for Animals (What’s in it For Them)

When I first studied Reiki I had a choice to start a practicing on humans or to focus on the animals. I decided to focus on the animals.


Prior to taking the Reiki course, I had already made that choice. I had fostered a dog who experienced chronic health problems that caused him misery. I kept thinking, “If only I could help him. Maybe I could learn Reiki.”

But I was fooling myself in 2019 because I didn’t have the funds to learn Reiki. Then in 2020 the lockdowns occurred in Washington State. Even if I wanted to study in person in a nearby city, I didn’t have the funds and I couldn’t travel. Fortunately, a friend recommended me learning Reiki online, not that I thought that was even possible.

Then I received my first US stimulus check so I had funds to pay for classes. I tried the Udemy platform and took Lisa Powers’ classes (all the classes she had at that time). I also took animal communication classes, coaching classes (not for animals) and I became an online class junkie. I almost lost my focus which was to practice Reiki on animals. Reign it in, girl.

So, you’re wondering how animals benefit from Reiki and would they even stay still for a session?

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I give my sessions remotely and put the Reiki on a timeline which is something we learned in the Reiki Level 2 course. But when I’m formally working with an animal client, I do an in-take with the guardian for the animal and set up a time when I’ll do the remote Reiki session. I prefer that the animal is resting and that he or she has access to fresh drinking water after the session and throughout the remainder of the day. I also request a progress report from the guardian.

Animals benefit from Reiki in the same ways that humans do. They experience peace and their bodies regain balance on an energetic level but also on a physical level. While a Reiki practitioner is not legally permitted to diagnose, prescribe, or treat an illness, Reiki assist the body’s natural response to regaining balance. I learned in my classes, that Reiki clears the chakras and creates flow in the meridians of the body. We know that when the chakras and meridians are unblocked, we experience better health.

When Reiki flows through my hands, animals gravitate towards me, even when they are on a leash. I had one cat run towards me when I was out for a walk, then the cat moved underneath my hands. Most cats love Reiki energy and are sensitive to it. Dogs will sniff at my hands and sometimes position themselves underneath my hands, “Give me some of that Reiki.”

I know that with Reiki Level 1 which you can learn in a weekend, you can give Reiki to your pet and yourself everyday. You can also add meditation and other practices that when combined with the Reiki allow you and your pet to bond. The other thing that could happen is that the pet prefers healthier food choices so you might want to switch their diet up (with the help of a vet or animal nutritionist).

However, it might not be all rainbows and flowers after the first session. As Reiki removes blocks it also detoxes the body. I know when I first started doing Reiki on myself, removing the blockages left me feeling exhausted and weepy. Everyone responds differently to the process. Know that the Reiki is doing its job to rebalance the body.

I cannot make the claim but if Reiki lengthens the lifespan of your pet, imagine the quality time you can spend with him or her. Reiki is a gift to all sentient beings. And learning Reiki now is much less expensive and yes, you can learn Reiki online even if it’s not the same as learning it in a classroom with other students. Reiki always goes where it is needed for highest and best.

The founder Master Usui had a mission to teach Reiki to as many people as possible. And now with the 100th anniversary of Usui gifting the planet with Reiki, thousands of Reiki Masters worldwide bring balance to the planet. Many of us work with animals.

All you need is your hands, attunements from a Reiki Master and you have a portable modality you can take anywhere with you. And you can also combine crystal healing and sound therapy with Reiki. Many animal communicators also give Reiki sessions.

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