Love Yourself Through Transitions

It’s ironic that despite my healing as a healer and a coach, I still beat myself up during hard times. The main problem with beating ourselves up at any time, especially hard times is it negates the healing we’ve done for ourselves.

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Yet, having this nugget of wisdom doesn’t prevent me from saying mean things to myself. It doesn’t prevent me from forgetting to nourish or refresh my body. And then the worst part is getting caught up in the litany of, “Well, I should have done this or I shouldn’t have done that.” Except, I did what I did and it took me to the place where I am now. There’s a reason why I’m here and it’s up to me to choose evolution.

Do you hear what I’m saying? We all beat ourselves up from time to time. But when it becomes the mainstream narrative of our inner movie, it damages our sense of self and creates confusion for the soul. We’re all here to learn and grow. That involves making mistakes. So, why beat ourselves up over a common human experience?

We might not see the progress we’ve made right away. It might be years later in retrospect that we glean the truth of our experiences. Also, when we face challenges we forget that others face their own challenges. We might feel alone but we’re not. We’re in the trenches with humanity. Although it feels like someone or a higher power singled us out to suffer that’s not the truth of our situations.

When we face challenges (and boy am I facing them during my own transition), we must be kind to ourselves. Take time to rest. Replenish with healthy food and clean water. Take that long bath or go for a walk in nature. Listen to music. Dance, sing, or play a musical instrument. Read an uplifting book or watch an inspirational movie.

I also encourage everyone to learn Reiki Level One. It’s easy to learn and you can practice Reiki everyday on yourself, your friends, and your pets. When you practice on others you also give Reiki to yourself. Anyone can learn Reiki and with practice become adept with the energy-healing modality. Reiki is a gift we all naturally have inside us but learning how to use that gift can bolster the planet and humanity. I learned Reiki to gift to animals.

Face it, no one on this planet is going to avoid going through a transition. The planet is shifting and transitioning. The entire Universe is exploding in higher consciousness. The solar winds and flares are hitting the Earth and changes are occurring underground too.

We all must pursue our heart-centered dreams now. Believe in the impossible. Believe that there are multiple timelines and you have the ability to jump to a better timeline. We all have that choice. But getting there involves raising our conscious awareness. And that means we stop beating ourselves up or telling ourselves we don’t deserve prosperity, abundance, and joy.

As we enter more deeply into the Aquarius Age, let’s treat ourselves like spiritual royalty. Let’s love our inner children and all parts of ourselves. Let’s laugh at our mistakes and learn from them. If we fall, let’s help each other to get back on the path. Namaste.

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