The Meaning of Eclipses

I have some friends who think nothing of eclipses. I know some people who, even though they are born under the Sign of the Moon, Cancer, don’t follow the Moon cycles. And yet, in the astrological realm, eclipses bring powerful changes and closure to old cycles.

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This year the Moon Nodal Axis falls in Scorpio and Taurus. This means that the majority of eclipses we experience during an 18-month period are in Taurus and Scorpio. Since Uranus, the Awakener and planet of “sudden changes” is transiting in Taurus (and Mars transits into Taurus in July), the changes the eclipses bring in 2022 are more dramatic than usual.

None of us stands here without having endured massive changes and transformation, especially since 2012 when Uranus transited into Aries and went to battle with Pluto in Capricorn. At this time, Uranus is reaching the mid-degrees of Taurus and Pluto has reached the culmination degrees (27 to 29 degrees). This means that the Pluto transit that began in January 2008 is finishing up old business. This is the point where the karma hits the fan

If we have resisted these changes then Uranus in Taurus in conjunction with the eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio will force us to change. This occurs through sudden and unexpected events in the form of economic collapse, a drastic change of values, or earth events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Add Pisces to that mix, and this includes tidal waves, tsunamis, hurricanes and flooding, even in areas that normally don’t flood.

The change of values also signifies downsizing and simplifying ones’ life. What really matters when the karma hits the fan? Do we value the people and animals in our lives over materialism? Do we value our health and well-being over our careers? We’ve already seen this scenario playing out with the loss of jobs due to the pandemic experience brought on by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn.

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Other questions involve, are we willing to relocate to new regions to spread our light and to do the work of a higher power? Or are we going to cling to fear and spread fear like a contagion that is often worse than the disease or situation we most fear? When will we claim our independence, including independence from fossil fuels (Pisces/Neptune/Jupiter)?

Make no mistake, with eclipses in Scorpio (the ruler of hidden secrets, scandals, death, birth, and taboo topics) and Taurus (what we value and the Earth) wed to Uranus in Taurus we are approaching spiritual mastership or we are seduced by the demonic forces on the planet (fear, greed, lust, and acquisition). We can as light workers and shadow workers (you are a shadow worker if you have strong Scorpio and Capricorn placements in your Natal Chart) here to acquire our spiritual mastership through service to humanity (or animals and the planet).

While I won’t jump back on the Law of Attraction train of thought, where we place our focus determines the future of the planet. If we choose ascension then we had better mean it and back that up with our attitudes, behaviors, and thoughts. When someone approaches us with more lack and limitation or victim-consciousness it’s up to us to either see a tornado destroying those frequencies or to surround ourselves with white light and powerful mirrors. Please don’t take on those lower frequencies ever again, especially if you are an energy-healer. Transmute and transform them. Transfigure lower frequencies if that works for you.

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Eclipses don’t just take us to the crossroads, but they propel us in new directions. And if we resist (which could happen on the axis of Scorpio and Taurus), we only create more pain and suffering for ourselves. This isn’t to say that these energies won’t bring the usual challenges and obstacles for us to overcome. The pain and suffering I’m talking about occurs as physical pain or disease but even those can be overcome. And if it is our time to pass to other realms, then Scorpio provides an outlet for that to happen (physical death).

We walk through the shadow lands at this time or as one novelist described it in her dystopian fantasy based on a Greek myth, the “shadow-less land” where the dead don’t cast a shadow. In this shadow land, we are asked to integrate our shadows into our light and to accept all parts of ourselves. That’s when we claim our true and authentic power. And as we do that, we no longer need to acquire worldly power or materialism. We detach and live in the world but not of it. That is enlightenment in my definition.

I’m writing this article the day before Easter (which for me symbolizes the return of light). We have passed through Good Friday and its symbolism and we wait for our own resurrection of light to occur. While I don’t practice Christianity any longer, I do enjoy the symbolism of Christmas and Easter in regard to the light that floods the Earth. I do believe in the miracles of the Holy Spirit and I hope that more people choose to embody Christ-Consciousness that leads to unity and peace.

Eclipses bring us sudden endings but with those endings they also usher in new beginnings. In saying this, I see the rainbow after the electrical storm. The winds of change rush in to deliver us to a better place where we can rest and experience peace, at least for the moment. Don’t fear the storms. Don’t fear the challenges. And don’t chase your shadows away (not that you could). Embrace every part of you–both the light and the shadows.

If you want to find out your soul blueprint (shadow or light worker), sign up for an astrology or coaching session with me. I would be happy to work with you in navigating the path of your soul. Now, is the time to get to work on your life mission.

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