Bonding with Your Pet Through Mindfulness Part 2

Since the part one article for Bonding with Your Pet through Mindfulness attracted so much attention, here is part 2.

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I believe that animals have already ascended. I believe that the Earth has ascended too. The Earth and the animals are helping us to ascend. This does mean that we must spend more time in the natural realm and more time meditating. The animals, especially in the wild or seen as urban wildlife are the ones most likely to help us ascend.

They teach us mindfulness by forcing us to slow down and take a breath along with them. They show up as omen, signs, and synchronicity. If you’re not familiar with these terms, then it’s time to read Ted Andrews classic, Animal Speak. Although the book was published decades ago, and Ted is no longer with us in the living, it’s the best resource for learning about animal spirits and animal communication.

There are practices that help us to bond with our pets too. We can practice yoga with a dog or cat for instance or we can practice Reiki in the same room with our pets. I realize that not everyone is attuned to the Reiki energy. However, I paid $20 for an Udemy course that was on sale to learn three levels of Reiki. So, it can be done. And to work with animals or pets, you would only need to learn the first level.

Of course, Reiki isn’t the only means to build a mindfulness routine with your pet. A simple sit down meditation and syncing your breathing with your pet also does the trick or taking the dog for a walk in a natural area also works. If you garden you might allow your pets to sit in the garden with you while you work. Or perhaps, going on a camping trip or hiking does the trick for you.

Developing mindfulness with you animal companion enriches your life beyond what you can imagine. Humans and animals go back thousands of years, if not millions. However, we have lost that deeper connection with the natural world, especially due to the amount of time we spend on electronic devices. And speaking of electronic devices, leave them at home when you spend quality time with your pets.

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