5 Things to Do That Your Dog Loves

One of the questions animal communicators receive is, “Does my dog love me?” And it’s not only animal communicators who receive this question. The other question is, “What can I do for my dog to tell him I love him?

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Well, here is a list of 5 things you can do for your dog that will win him/her over for life.

  1. Take your dog for a walk every day

Some dogs such as high-energy dogs need more than just one short walk around the block per day. Depending on your dog’s physical needs, he/she might need to go to a off-leash area to run. Your dog might need to run on trails or on a beach. In the very least, your dog needs to go for walks more than one time a day. Three times a day works best, depending on the age and condition of the dog.

Some dogs also enjoy going to the dog park which combines socializing with other dogs and exercise.

2. Let your dog test his/her nose out when you are outdoors

Dogs love to use their nose. They enjoy sniffing the various scents that other dogs leave behind. If you have a nose hound then you can double the time and enjoyment that your dog needs to use his/her nose.

One trick that I love to do, is to hide dog treats or pieces of food (that is healthy for dogs) in a yard and then let the dog find the treats. This is a good exercise to keep the dog’s scent abilities sharp. And since the nose is connected to the dog’s brain in ways we can’t even imagine, this keeps the dog’s brain sharp too. Plus, your dog enjoys using his/her nose. Hearing and scent are their two greatest assets.

3. Keep the levels of noise low in the household and in the car

I can’t emphasize the power of a dog’s hearing and the frequencies they hear that humans don’t hear. You might not have a good sense of hearing or maybe you lost your hearing in different ranges, but your dog, unless he’s deaf, hears just fine.

Do not blast your TV, stereo, or computer because this harms your dog’s nervous system (and yours). Keep your dog away from fireworks and loud situations. Some dogs have fallen to their death off balconies to get away from noise of firecrackers, for instance. People forget about their dog’s sensitive hearing around certain holidays.

Finally, don’t take your dog to outdoor music festival unless the festivals are on the quieter as in acoustic side. You might enjoy hanging out in the hot sun and listening to loud music, but your dog does not. I’ve had many people tell me to mind my own business but my business is ensuring the well-being of non-humans. So…if you don’t listen, you’ll hear me lecturing you like a stern mother.

4. Practice mindfulness

I’ve already posted two articles on mindfulness and pets on this blog so I won’t go into details. However, when you become mindful of your actions and your state of mind this goes a long ways to creating peace in your pets’ lives. It sounds so simple but it is profound.

5. Live in the moment and don’t fear death

Many of us are so fearful of death and endings that we fail to live. We’re not truly alive if we fear disease, injuries, accidents, and the end of the world. When we are stressed we pass on that stress to our dogs. We do this unintentionally but we still do it.

Be here now, as the saying goes. This isn’t just a slogan to splash across a new age T-shirt. Your dog isn’t living in the future or regretting the past. It’s not that they don’t have memories or that they aren’t thinking of their next cookie or walk, it’s just that dogs live in the moment. Every minute counts when your life is short and for larger breed dogs that life span is only 6 to 7 years long. So, live this day as if it is your last and make every moment with your dog count.

If you follow the above advice you’ll foster reciprocated love from your dog. We learn lessons from our animal companions but we first need to set the foundation so that those lessons are pleasant ones.

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