Reiki During Homelessness

Just because someone is attuned to Reiki doesn’t mean that life’s challenges won’t occur. Some Reiki practitioners are light workers and others are shadow workers. Shadow workers live wretched lives but having said that, shadow workers are candidates for Full Mastership.

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Buddha was a light worker; Jesus was a shadow worker. The martyred saints worked the shadows, were persecuted, and became masters through forgiving those people who persecuted them.

My Reiki self-practice is more important than ever. It helps me stay calm during the most challenging days. No one is immune to the tragic and heartless situations happening on the planet at this time. And while we focus on the ascension, there are some darker moments along the way and still to come for each of us. What matters is how we show up and handle those situations. I’m currently homeless and I’m using Reiki to see me through to a miraculous conclusion.

A modality or spiritual tool is only as good as it stands the test of challenges and time. Reiki celebrates its 100 year anniversary so it’s standing the test of time. Reiki practitioners will also give credit to Reiki for getting them out of tight spots–which it does well. We must remember to practice Reiki on ourselves and our circumstances every day. We must also pray and meditate every day and not just when life circumstances are in the flow.

I’m going to explore the 5 Principles of Reiki and how those principles apply to anyone going through a catastrophic illness, homelessness, or who are feeling persecuted by others. This is one of the darkest times in the history of humanity but we can gain wisdom and strength as we face our challenges. (By the way, if yoga is your practice then use those precepts instead of the Reiki principles).

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Just for today, I trust…

Oh, this one is so hard when life circumstance head south. Trust runs and exits stage left. This is when we must surrender to a higher power, but what if we believe that the higher power doesn’t love us? What if we feel outraged at the higher power because we have fallen into the role of a victim or martyr?

Our ego wants to control everything but there comes a point where we completely lost control. No matter how hard we try; no matter how much determination and will power we bring to our circumstances, we can’t move the mountain that blocks our way. So, we learn how to trust in the higher power. And we learn how to forgive so that we can trust the higher power.

A friend and colleague of mine tells me that once we surrender that’s when the miracles show up. She has seen this happen in her clients’ and friends’ lives. She has seen it happen in her own life.

But for me, trust offers me my greatest challenge. I’ve been let down, rejected, and abandoned numerous times by the people I trusted. I have felt rejected by God even though I know also that is an illusion because God doesn’t reject anyone. It’s the monkey mind that has us believe in a petty God. But God is unconditional love. Unconditional love doesn’t pick and choose who to love. Unconditional love embraces all that is, including each of us. So, yes. . . Trust.

Just for today, I resolve my anger…

Resolving anger doesn’t mean we push the anger away and plaster a false smile on our face. It doesn’t mean that we pretend to be at peace when rage burns through our veins and sends smoke signals out from our hearts. Resolving anger is feeling it and allowing it to burn through every cell of our bodies. The anger will resolve itself once it is listened to and acknowledged.

For me, I often find childhood roots in the anger. This doesn’t mean I berate my parents or people from my past. What good would that do? It suggests that by re-parenting myself during those situations I revisited I liberate myself through understanding and forgiveness.

But don’t travel that new age route where anger is seen as toxic and negative. If you go that route, you’ll just stuff the anger and everyone will feel it anyway, even when you speak in a soft voice. A soft voice laced with anger sounds like a hissing serpent. No, feel the anger. Allow it to rip through you. Anger won’t destroy you because all emotions teach us and eventually heal us. Yes, by feeling the anger and then resolving it, we are two steps closer to mastership. Masters experienced anger and then they transmuted that anger into peace.

Just for today, I’m honest…

It’s easy to live in integrity and communicate honestly when life is buzzing along and we’re full of joy. However, when life circumstances turn for the worst, many people become dishonest. They steal from others. They gaslight others. They lie because they can’t face their own vulnerability. People lie to get social services or into temporary housing (such as saying they aren’t a felon when they spent time in prison).

When the going gets tough people lie to others so that they get their needs met. And while I can’t blame anyone for their desperate acts, honesty is always the best policy, and not just because of karma.

There will even be professionals who will encourage a homeless or sick person to lie so that they are able to get help from the system. This is because the system is corrupt and based on lies. Then system and its many structures won’t solve anyone’s problems. The System created the problems because the System was created from ego and not guided by God.

However, when we connect to the God Source or Reiki (Universal Life Force), miracles are possible. Don’t be part of the system. Defy it. Walk the path of honesty and integrity. That’s what’s going to bring miracles. Honesty will save you from darker circumstances in the future.

Even if you feel embarrassed or helpless from your situation (God, knows I feel ashamed of my current circumstances) face the bullies which are just your thoughts and not reality. Be the best person you can be in this moment and in the next moment, and so on. Just for today, practice honesty.

Just for today. . . I am grateful

Yes, I get it, what would we feel grateful for if we spent a night sleeping in a shelter, or on the street, or on someone’s couch, or in a car? Why would we feel grateful for disappointing news or rejection? Why would we feel grateful for being cast aside and rendered invisible? Why would we feel grateful when people who could loan us a couch tell us to go stay at a homeless shelter (which is pretty rough and dangerous)?

However, even in the darkest moments when we feel like completing giving up, a kind person appears or maybe he or she is an angel. I’ve had that happen. None of us will walk this Earth journey without experiencing suffering in one form or another. We can philosophize all we want but our analytical brain is not going to save the day. Tapping into our heart will.

We tap into our hearts when we find even the smallest thing to shower gratitude upon. Did you have a bed to sleep in last night? Did you have a safe place to park your van or car? Were you able to have a hot shower? Were you able to get a ride to your doctor’s office or urgent care? Did someone give you a hug? Were you able to find food to nourish you? Even when circumstances are the furthest from ideal, there is still a nugget of good. There is still light flowing in from the crack as Rumi wrote.

Until you have hit rock bottom, you don’t realize all the things you took for granted. And when we take things for granted we grow complacent and then we grow bored. Sometimes life brings us challenges to create momentum in a new direction. But no matter our circumstances, even a little gratitude goes a long way. It’s healing for our hearts.

Just for today. . . I’m kind to myself and others.

It’s too easy to lash out at others when we feel hurt or frustrated by our life circumstances. It’s easy to shout at someone who mirrors or projects a shadow back at us, especially when we’re immersed in shadow land.

And we also hunger and thirst from the kindness of others when given the current world energy, we might not witness kindness. People are often kinder when their lives are clomping along and everything falls into place for them. People are kinder when they are in love with someone or adore their children or beautiful home. But when you take all those outer circumstances away, some people become vicious. They promote the idea that it’s a dog-eat-dog world or every person for themselves.

But climbing over dead bodies leads to humanity heading towards hell or the lower dimensions and not ascension. Jesus did not ascend after spitting or cursing his enemies. He did not seek revenge and instead he practiced forgiveness because he saw the bigger picture. If he had chosen not to forgive he would not have ascended and become a Master Teacher and Healer. Healers don’t seek revenge because they see the wounds and heal them. Having said that, most of us aren’t masters and we will miss the mark.

As Reiki practitioners we often call ourselves energy-healers. This is why practicing the principles is crucial on our good days and our worst weeks. The other trap to avoid is allowing our minds to return to the past and make a list of all the insufferable times in our lives. That just leads to depression and desperation. We have all evolved or we wouldn’t be practicing Reiki. It’s better to see all the darkness as revealing our true work. And yes, we aren’t immune to disease, loss, death, homelessness, or insufferable circumstances.

The caveat is that Reiki will shine a light on us and act as a bridge from less desirable experiences to living our dream. And I remind myself daily that the darkest hour is right before dawn. This isn’t just a saying. If you stay up the whole night you will actually notice the sky darken before the sun rises at dawn.

If you found this article helpful, please donate at any amount. Thank you for paying kindness and generosity forward. Namaste

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