Sign up for a Session and Save My Life

My title might sound dramatic however, if I don’t work with clients soon, my life is going to spiral further downward.

I had a dream to become an animal communicator. I took the classes and I was certified. Ditto for Reiki. Then Spirit told me to move to Vermont which I did. But now, I’m running out of money and without clients or money flowing into my business, I’m unable to find a permanent home.

This is a dangerous time to live in between homes for many reasons which I won’t go into. So, here’s the deal. We create a win-win situation when you sign up for a session with me. I have many tools to help you navigate the stress of this shifting planet. And I can help your pet too.

Please check out my services and then sign up for the one that suits you or your pet best. Thank you.

Published by pnwauthor

I reside in the rainy Pacific NW (Washington State) where I write novels, short "green" fiction, and poetry. I also go for walks capturing the beauty around me on my digital and freelance as an arts and culture journalist. When I'm not doing all of the above (and sometimes multi-tasking), I research the healing power of music. You can learn more about that at Whole Music Experience, and I teach workshops on healing with music.

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