Integrity of a Reiki Master

Anyone can spend a weekend or a series of weekends becoming trained and attuned to Reiki. It’s the daily practice, even during hard times, that creates a true Reiki Master.

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It’s true the label Reiki Master shows up in spiritual circle conversations. It shows up on YouTube videos, websites, blogs, and magazine articles. But what makes some one a true master and what makes someone a pretender (even when they received training)?

Reiki already raises eyebrows of skepticism among non-believers. So, then why not walk the Reiki talk instead of just talk it? What I mean by that is a true Reiki Master practices Reiki every day and that includes carving out at least 30 minutes per day to give him or herself a Reiki treatment. You can also end the day with a brief Reiki treatment or a Reiki shower.

It’s not enough to hang a Reiki symbol in an office or to wear a T-shirt with the chakras emblazed on it. A true master shows up no matter what his or her circumstances are. A Reiki Master might be homeless but still find the time to practice Reiki (I have). All you need is a clear mind and Reiki hands. You can even treat yourself with Reiki while you sleep.

Another way a Reiki Master shows up is to practice the 5 Reiki Principles which include trusting no matter what the circumstances are, we can trust a higher power to help us along our path. We resolve the anger that comes up. Just for today…I’ll resolve my anger. This doesn’t mean we never feel anger, it just means we resolve it mindfully.

We also practice gratitude and respond to life circumstance and others with honestly and kindness. These are actually the principles any spiritual master followed but worded differently for each religion and spiritual path. Another one we can add to the list is to do no harm or to do the least amount of harm since doing no harm is impossible.

A true Reiki Master is conscientious and mindful of his or her actions. While it might not always be possible to recycle, compost, or over consume natural resources, we must still make mindful choices. This includes our diets and daily habits (why do I witness Reiki Masters smoking?) And it’s never easy to heal the addiction from consumerism or outer distractions.

This brings me to meditation and spiritual exploration which are both part of the Reiki Masters journey. This brings me to the path of a Reiki Master. It’s not going to be without challenges. But the transformation that occurs when practicing Reiki every day is profound. We will never know how far our Reiki signals ripple out. We’ll never know to the full extent our hands bringing healing to the world. And that healing occurs when we give Reiki to ourselves and then to others.

Finally, Reiki isn’t a trend to follow. It’s a spiritual calling that should not be taken lightly. When we feel our energy waning or we grow bored with our practice, it’s time to take a workshop or join a Reiki circle. And if the group leaves you feeling discomfort then at least pick up books on Reiki (and not just for reading).

Never take Reiki lightly because you are pulling in unconditional love or the Universal Life Force, also known as chi, qi, or prana. As a Reiki Master you become a conduit for healing to take place on the planet. You are the light in a time of darkness.

If Reiki is your true calling you will commit to it and dedicate a portion of your life to energy-healing. You will find that crystals, and other tools draw themselves to you. Reiki transforms the practitioner in so many ways and in all areas of life.

Become the Master.

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