Ceres, Santitos & Crystals (A Mother’s Loves Found in the Mineral Kingdom)

A movie I watched decades ago called Santitos, which features a mother who goes to great lengths to find a missing daughter, has come to mind. And in my mind I couple the goddess Ceres who lost her daughter, Persephone with the mother character from Santitos. Then consider Gaia, the mother of us all who is on a quest to rescue us from oblivion.

Photo by Alina Vilchenko on Pexels.com

This is the way my metaphysical brain works. It looks for common themes and symbolism as it searches through my mind’s archives. I’m curious by nature so I have collected bits and pieces of information over the years ranging from fine and performing arts, to history, science, and strange occurrences. But underneath all of that, I’m on a quest for healing myself and others.

And on that quest, I’ve encountered the archetypes of mothers and daughters especially under the guise of Ceres-Demeter and Persephone-Kore. And I’ve also experienced energy from the greatest mother of us all, Gaia. On this healing journey, I have worked with plant-medicine for my own healing, sound frequencies, and crystals/gemstones from the mineral kingdom.

I don’t usually work with a single crystal, mainly because I’m so passionate about the uses and properties of all my stones and crystals. I enjoy pairing them or working with a set of 5 to 7 during Reiki and other energy-healing modalities. While each of us needs to figure out which pairs or sets of stones work best for us, here is a list of pairs to get you started.

For heart issues or healing issues in general, I like to work with green and pink stones. Rose quartz is my go-to pink stone but pink moss agate and other pink stones will also help with these issues.

Today, the pairing I’m coming up with is:

Rose quarts and green chert.

For brain or mental issues I prefer to work with white, blue, and purple stones. I find that fluorite and calcite are excellent stones for calming the mind and helping us become more mindful. However, lepidolite, dumortierite, and blue kyanite also calm the mind.

Today’s pair is:

Purple fluorite and blue calcite

For prosperity and abundance issues I like to work with green, yellow, and gold stones. Aventurine, citrine, pyrite, and jade are among my favorite stones to foster abundance.

Today’s pair is:

Green aventurine and citrine

Finally, the stones I prefer for Astral projection and travel are lapis lazuli, aquamarine, Merlinite, quantum quatro, super 7, Amzonite, and blue kyanite.

Today’s pair is:

Aquamarine and super 7

If you want to recall your dreams, then work with this pair:

Labradorite and amethyst

I hope this unusual article is helpful for you on your metaphysical path. If you would like to read more articles like this one, Support this blog. You will also be helping me to secure a permanent home in Vermont so that I can continue my metaphysical endeavors which everyone benefits.

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I'm a former Washingtonian from Washington State, not Washington DC. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, even though my dream was to live and work in Vermont.

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