What Does Your Pet Want from You?

My favorite people are humans who ask the question, what does my animal companion need or want from me? And another question I enjoy hearing as an animal communicator (pet psychic) is, what does my dog or cat need to feel happy?

Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com

There are many questions we would like to ask animals whether they are wild or domesticated. Just think of the number of songs which ask the animals questions. Or the number of books written on animal behavior from a scientific perspective. But what about asking the animals directly what they desire from humans?

Perhaps, we are already doing this informally or indirectly. Because each time you talk to your pet, you are also sending images to them. This is a form of telepathy. Or maybe you’re at work and midway through the day you see a clear image of your dog, cat, or other pet. That animal is communicating with you. Yes, all animals have the ability to communicate telepathically. Humans have this ability too but we have forgotten how to use it. Or if we know how to use it, we don’t trust that it’s real.

Also when we interact with our animal companions we put out subtle cues through our body language, pheromones, or in our voice. We might not detect any of this but the animals who are more instinctual and perceptive than we are, pick up on all of this. They do this because they still have within their DNA a remembrance of protecting themselves in the wild. They still remember what it’s like to be a member of a pack, a herd, a pride, or a flock.

Some breeds of cats and dogs even remember the type of work they would normally perform. And some of those animals would still like to do that type of work or similar. Just because humans have a negative view of work and would rather sleep on a couch than go to work, animals don’t share that lazy trait.

I can hear someone correcting me and telling me that his dog sleeps all day and is lazy. But what would happen if you gave that dog a task to do? There are even videos where an animal puts himself to work.

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