Reiki Principle #1–Trust

Every Reiki practitioner knows the Five Reiki Principles and hopefully practices them on a daily basis. All five principles prove challenging but then, that is the point. Practice helps us grow as humans and energy-healers. Let’s explore, the principle of trust.

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We already explored Reiki Principle #2 which is, “Just for today, I resolve my anger.” And the actual wording of Usui was, “Just for today, I won’t get angry.” I had trouble with that wording since I struggle with anger issues. I also struggle with trust issues but since practicing Reiki have learned to surrender.

For some people, the principle of trust–Just for today, I will trust myself and others… this will remind them of the surrender prayer that is part of the Alcohol Anonymous program. For people who have been betrayed, persecuted, or scapegoated, trust isn’t impossible to obtain but it involves effort.

When I first learned about the Reiki principle I bristled. I asked, “how am I going to control my anger? How am I going to trust myself and others?” These two principles proved the most challenging for me. Those of us who struggled with any type of abuse, including abusing ourselves (because that was previously mirrored to us), trust doesn’t come easy, if at all.

Trust means that we don’t worry so this principle could also read, “Just for today, I will not worry.” Easier said than done, right? Today, I won’t experience OCD symptoms, today, I won’t suffer from panic attacks…But some of this is based in a medical condition and isn’t easily controlled. I find that Reiki helps calm anxiety, even if it doesn’t heal it. Reiki unblocks the chakras and the meridians. And we need to unblock all the chakras and not just concentrate on the Root Chakra.

I know that I have problems trusting people I just met. I’ve been forced to place my trust in others due to circumstances I faced during the past several months. And it wasn’t easy. Sometimes I placed my trust in the wrong people and nearly had belongings stolen and there were times I could have been physically harmed. However, I work with Archangel Michael who has been helping me to trust in my life circumstances and that the right people will come along at the right time. And they have.

One exercise that my friend Cynthia Greer taught me was to fold into the light. It is a meditation that involves inviting in the Central Sun and the Violet Flame. During this meditation we are asked to completely surrender our will to a higher power and TRUST that the problems will be resolved. And they are resolved. Sometimes this happens immediately and other times it takes a few days. But trust is the key.

The Reiki 5 Principles are a work in progress. Obviously, we take this journey one step at a time and one day at a time. We must remember that Usui was a master. He had studied a variety of spiritual practices but he mainly focused on Zen Buddhism and he was middle-aged when Reiki came to him in a vision. He had been working on himself and sincerely asking a higher power to gift him with the ability to heal others.

Therefor, the Reiki journey is not static. When we practice Reiki on ourselves and remember to meditate or explore the Reiki Principles everyday we evolve on this journey. There are layers to explore and by exploring those layers, we release our blocks and inhibitions. These principles lead to deep healing and transformation of our minds, bodies, and souls. Spiritual quests are not made to be easy. If spiritual journeys were easy then everyone would take one. Obviously, looking around the planet, most people are not on a spiritual journey. And if they are, they bring little awareness to it.

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Reiki isn’t just a healing modality that we use on other people or a profession. Reiki is a journey of the self, when used in the proper way. We know that Reiki Level Three explores mysticism. Some practitioners learn this level so that they can attune and teach others. But Reiki Level Three gives us the opportunity to go deeper with the principles and to delve more deeply into metaphysics.

Reiki has been with us for one-hundred years and last April was the anniversary of when Usui began teaching students. I believe that the principles are an integral part of the practice and as important as the Reiki Symbols and hand positions. While we can play around with the hand positions and create new symbols, the principles are the basis of a Reiki practitioners road to mastership.

Reiki 5 Principles (note the wording might be different than Usui’s version)

  1. Just for today, I trust myself and others. (Just for today, I do not worry).
  2. Just for today, I resolve my anger. (Just for today, I do not get angry).
  3. Just for today, I am honest with myself and others.
  4. Just for today, I am grateful for all that I have.
  5. Just for today, I am kind to myself and others.

A friend once asked me why we say, “Just for today”? And the reason for that is we’re going to fall off the spiritual horse and we need to start fresh. So, because the principles are challenging, we take this journey one day at a time. But this practice is powerful and I have experienced transformation in myself and in my life by following the principles.

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Do I get it right every time? Absolutely not. But I have found that I resolve my anger more easily now. I am beginning to surrender more and more. I remind myself to be kind to myself and I have learned that gratitude is a powerful attitude that leads to having more of what I love and enjoy. While it’s true you could lose everything dear to you in a heartbeat, during those times you take nothing for granted. You give thanks for anything, even something that might seem insignificant.

In this chaotic world, trust is all we have. When we learn to trust, we experience more situations and meet more people that are trustworthy. And we get there one step at time; one day at a time. Usui was right.

Just for today, I trust myself and I trust others.

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