INFJ & Energy-Healing

The INFJ personality type, in my opinion, make the best healers on the planet . Yes, this is also a creative group of artists, musicians, and intuitive people and the hypersensitivity trait helps INFJ people to tap into higher frequencies. They also spend time in trances and use visualization as in the in their imagination on a regular basis.

Are you an INFJ personality type?

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I know this personally because this is my personality type. I hear that it’s a rare personality type and that only one to three percent of the human population is a member of this group. However, most of the people I have formed deep friendships with are either INFJ, ENFJ, or INFP.

Personally, I resisted becoming an energy-healer for decades because I didn’t want to go back to school. Acupuncture was out. I don’t have a lot of upper body strength so massage was out, plus I don’t enjoy physically touching other people which is why I spend most of my time alone. I would have enjoyed a career as an herbalist but I didn’t have the money to pay for the training. Eventually, I received training and attunements for Reiki.

I would say most of the Reiki practitioners I’ve met, at least in the online communities are either INFJ or INFP. And this is because of their heightened sensitivities. It is ironic that any of us would join an online group because of the introversion and many of the folks in the Reiki groups I joined seemed shy and awkward which was their thoughtfulness showing up in a group setting.

INFJ people are often accused of being antisocial or shy. When I heard back from people who attended my high school reunion (I didn’t attend because I despise small talk and people waxing on about their spouses and children or giving me a rundown of their career for the past several decades), I received feedback from a friend that the people I went to high school with thought that I was shy and sweet. Really? What they never saw my wild Kali side ranting about the state of the world? I’ve never seen myself as a sweet person or shy.

The reason why people misunderstand INFJ people is because we avoid crowds and people with loud and boisterous egos. It’s physically and mentally painful to be around. We are not antisocial. I was a professional musician for over a decade who appeared on stages in nightclubs. I wasn’t shaking in my Doc Martens while I performed. I enjoyed giving and receiving energy from audiences. But afterwards, I needed my space and serious downtime to digest that energy.

I also wasn’t shy when I hosted radio shows, gave lectures, or taught workshops. This is why for so many years I mistook myself for an extrovert. I was given a faulty description of extroverts and introverts. Extroverts get their energy from the outer world and other people. Introverts generate energy from within so they are more internal and enjoy spending time by themselves or choosing their friends wisely. Introverts realize that if someone outside of them drains them of energy, it’s going to take several hours for them to fill themselves back up, which is why they spend time alone and shout, “Just give me my space!”

Other personality types (there are 16 Myers Briggs Personality Types) can’t relate to INFJ because it is the most rare of the personality types. Ironically, it’s also the personality type featured in the most videos on YouTube. If there are only three percent of the population with this personality type, why are there so many videos for us? Are they made for us to watch so we understand ourselves better (we understand ourselves well already) or are we providing entertainment for others? If that’s true, pay us for the entertainment we provide.

So, let me return to the topic of INFJs becoming energy-healers. This personality type is suited for this profession because they are hypersensitive, they do care about the well-being of others, especially animals and children, and because they are highly intuitive. They also know how to travel inward to have their own needs met. And through their life experiences they learn to set firm energetic boundaries to protect themselves and their space. They are also thoughtful and creative which bodes well for a healing profession.

So, if you are an INFJ person reading this article, go and explore the different types of healing modalities and see which ones appeal to you. Reiki is most likely the easiest one to access and you can learn this modality online in the privacy of your own home. You might also be drawn to animal communication and spiritual mediumship.

If you enjoyed this article don’t assume that other people are making donations and supporting it. As an INFJ, I’m not popular and my articles are read by few people, ditto for my video channels on YouTube which receive little attention. I invite other INFJs to support this work. After all, we only comprise one to three percent of humanity.

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