Reiki Principle #3: Honesty

Just for today, I’m honest with myself and others.

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Growing up many of us heard the phrase, “Honesty is the best policy.” Yet, we were exposed to scandals and stories of wealthy con artists who gained from dishonesty and practices that lacked integrity. We were also told the difference between white lies and real lies. Apparently, the white lies we told never hurt anyone. But anytime we tell a lie, we hurt ourselves.

Sometimes we embellish or exaggerate the truth. Or maybe we do the Sagittarius thing and tell a tall tale. I remember there was an event at a festival in Seattle where people competed to tell the tallest tale. I imagine that was competitive because even though we’re told honesty is the best policy, hardly anyone is 100% honest. Or maybe our memories invent the facts or we confuse facts with opinions. On our quest for truth we stumble over the choice to tell the truth and nothing but the truth or to fabricate because we want to let someone down easy.

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With the Reiki practice there is no room for dishonesty. We cannot heal ourselves or our clients if we live a life of lies, white or black. Sometimes our own inner beliefs are based on lies we have told ourselves or others told us about ourselves. Or maybe secrets were kept from us about our birth family or lineages.

As we practice self-Reiki we uncover lies, secrets, and half-truths which might seem painful or humiliating. We see the places where we hide our wounds and pretend were are someone other than our true selves. But eventually, the Reiki Universal Life Force flushes those lies into the open. Then it’s up to use to decide whether we will live our truth (which is risky) or stay buried in our lies.

The Third Reiki Principle isn’t any easier than the other four. Usui gave us these principles as a daily practice and for meditation purposes. We must be ruthlessly honest with ourselves about our gifts and our shortcomings. So, what does that look like?

An example is a person who knows he is brilliant and talented but hangs around under achievers. So, this person puts himself down and hides his brilliance and downplays his talents. By hiding behind mediocrity he is dishonest with himself and the world. This person struggles with money and career because he’s unable to show up in his full light. Now, he might do this so that he doesn’t step on anyone else’s toes but by acting this way, he also denies others discovering their own brilliance.

Our job is not to lower ourselves so others feel comfortable around us. Our job is to lift people up through inspiring them through our brilliance.

I suppose that types tenacity and courage. And we know that the Five Reiki Principles push us to become our best selves which is no easy fete. The path of a master is not meant to be sunshine and gumdrops. Yes, we experience those sweeter moments as our bodies buzz with vitality after a Reiki session. However, the Reiki experience is about a life path and not just a Reiki session.

We are meant to first practice honesty on ourselves, then our friends and family, and then our clients. We might not share everything that comes up during a session with our clients but we must hit the high points. Once we hand that information to the client, it’s the clients job to work on those areas of their lives that were highlighted during the session.

Saint Francis of Assisi also followed a set of principles and one of them was integrity which he combined with humility and compassion. Along with Master Usui, Saint Francis and Saint Claire of Assisi act as my Reiki guides.

Does this mean that I’ve never told a white lie? I have and I’ve repented for those lies. I told those lives when my life or livelihood was at stake. But I’m also a person who suffers from guilt and regret if I tell even a tiny lie.

Now, I realize there are some people who have suffered brain damage (many humans have by this point) where they fabricate the truth because they are suffering from memory loss. In that case, it’s not a matter of consciously choosing to tell the truth. It’s a medical condition and I know people with this condition. A person suffering from Vitamin B1 deficiency suffers this kind of memory loss (confabulation) according to a YouTube video I watched on this important vitamin.

However, I imagine that most of us on the Reiki path are following a balanced diet and are not suffering from a vitamin B deficiency. If you are, see a medical professional immediately. However, the topic here is honesty that we practice for ourselves and others.

Just for today…I’m honest with myself and others.

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