Reiki Principle #5 Kindness

Just for today, I’ll be kind to myself and others.

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I saved this principle for the holiday season. In the US, we are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving Day and that kicks of the holiday season. Typically, this time of year, we give to the needy or we purchase special gifts for our loved ones. We might take a friend or relative into our home is suffering through hard times. Or we might volunteer at a soup kitchen or collect toys for lower income children so that they have presents to unwrap.

We might donate to charities or causes dear to our heart. What ever we do during the season of generosity warms our heart. But what does all this mean for a Reiki practice when this principle of spreading kindness is practiced 365 days a year?

The holiday season is also a time when we wrap up another cycle (a year) and we might take inventory of our finances (or lack thereof). We take stock of the people who are still standing with us after the past twelve months and those who fell by the wayside. We take stock of our mistakes and our successes. Or some people lose their sobriety and don’t take stock of anything–another year wasted, they tell themselves.

Reiki Practitioners are reminded that kindness begins at home. It begins with self-care and self-respect. And then we extend that to other living beings. This isn’t just during the holiday season but all year. But the holiday season reminds us about the spirit of giving and of compassion. It reminds us of the returning of the light after darkness.

If you are a Reiki practitioner do not forget to practice Reiki on yourself each day. That in itself is giving kindness to yourself and others.

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