Gemstones for Astral Travel and Deep Sleep

I hope you are enjoying my series on working with gemstones. Let me give you a background of my connection to the stones and crystals. Like many of you, I became attracted to stones at an early age…

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As a child, my mother and I visited the beach and collected rocks for her garden. For me, it was like a treasure hunt and my enchantment for the Rock People has only evolved over time. Eventually, I moved to Seattle (1980s) where I discovered a nature shop in a shopping center. I bought gemstones without knowing anything about their metaphysical properties. I was drawn to their beauty and noticed an aliveness radiating from them. My mood lifted when I held the stones in my hands.

Flash forward, I started working with gemstones and crystals for metaphysical and spiritual healing purposes. I eventually, studied Crystal Reiki with Reiki Master Lisa Powers. Then I began incorporating crystals into my YouTube videos and then, I thought of sharing my findings with you.

The Best Gemstones for Astral Travel

This is probably obvious to you that the best stones and crystals for Astral travel are the high-energy stones. But it couldn’t hurt to include jasper and other grounding stones so you know when to return to your body. Or you might fall into a deeper trance and oversleep. This would be a problem if you needed to wake up by a specific time to go to work or attend to a family’s needs (or however you spend your daylight hours).

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The following stones are good for Astral travel and deep dreaming but could create sluggishness in the morning. You might not want to combine them the way that I have done (I sleep with stones underneath my pillow or next to it). When you start out with this practice only work with a single stone at a time. Otherwise, you might feel overwhelmed, restless, agitated, or feel like electricity is charging through your body.

Labradorite–I slept with two of these stones combined with a Super 7 stone and I woke up two hours later than usual. I did experience sluggishness but I was able to ground myself. This stone will take you deeper into the Astral Realms. However, program the stone to take you to the higher or etheric Astral where the teachers reside rather than go to a level of the Bardos like I did (not on purpose).

However, even if that does happen, you can still meet with other souls you have issues to work out with.

Amethyst--It’s best to use as a single stone or you can combine it with Lapiz Lazuli or Labradorite. Add a red or brown jasper to help you stay grounded. It’s best to program the stone so that you are led to your spirit guides. And also program the stone to help you uncover an answer to a question you have about your life circumstances.

Blue Kyanite–Use this stone by itself. It’s another powerful travel guide without a sense of time or space. You will need to ground yourself upon awakening or you will feel groggy and lost in a dream state the next few hours. I prefer to use this stone only when I can sleep longer and I don’t need to wake up early the next morning.

Quantum Quatro–I combined this stone with Super 7 when I was train traveling across the US. They protected me and helped me sleep well even when traveling (which normally doesn’t happen). I also experienced healing from the stones. Do not work with this stone until you are ready for it’s powerful teaching.

Moldavite–This stone brings you healing and spiritual insights for your mundane world. It will blend with your uniqueness to offer what is needed. Only work with this teacher when you’re called to do so. Your calling will not come through a trendy YouTube video where the YouTube host boasts about owning the stone. You will discover this stone through a serious metaphysical teacher, a book, an article, or by visiting a gemstone shop. You might also dream about the stone first.

Please note that the Moldavite will turn off its energy if it doesn’t want to work with you. Then, yes, it’s just another pretty stone on a shelf.

Aquamarine–This stone is on the blue ray and helps with communication issues. If you would like to become a better communicator and would like help from your Astral guides, then program the Aquamarine stone to help you with this endeavor. It will teach you better communication skills and open your throat chakra.

(Other stones include: Rutilated Quartz, Blue Quartz, Angelite, Celestite, Seraphina, Mookite, and Lemurian Quartz…)

Grounding Stones

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If you’re going to work with high-energy stones such as trance work, meditation, spiritual mediumship or Astral travel, bring in some grounding stones. Generally, grounding stones are brown, beige, green (as in forest jasper), red, or black. The black stones add a protective layer.

When you work with higher energy stones (and I didn’t even include Mookite which you can add to the list), remember to ground yourself. You can do this by running water on your hands and feet, through breath work or stretching your body. You can also use grounding tuning forks (the longer forks) or higher pitch singing bowls or tingshas. Your cat or dog can help you ground too.

Make sure you are properly grounded before connecting with others (as in making phone calls, sending emails, or interacting face-to-face).

As always, if you enjoyed this article and found the information useful, like, share, follow. Or if you feel like gifting me, make a donation. Thank you for those of you stopping by and those of you following the blog. Thank you to my clients too.

Disclaimer: I’m a metaphysical practitioner and not a medical professional. If you require medical attention, please consult with a licensed medical professional such as a medical doctor or mental health counselor. This article is meant as a tool development and spiritual entertainment.

Also, over purchasing stones is not good for the Earth. You can also become addicted to purchasing stones so beware of that. Often times, you can picture the stone in your Third Eye and still bring in its energies without having the actual stones with you. Please practice kindness to the Earth and respect the Stone People.

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