5 Things We Learned from 2022

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When we reach the end of the year people react in one of two ways. They either kick the year to the curb and take their emotional baggage into the next year, which they hope will be an improvement. Or wise people take time to reflect on lessons they learned in the past year. They prefer to find blessings and learn from their mistakes.

For those of us who choose to pause and reflect, here are five lessons that 2022 taught us.

One: Think For Yourself

With so much misinformation and gas lighting coming at us from all sides, we learned to go inward and trust our intuition. We found neutrality while seeing the lies from both sides of the aisle. And if we learned how to tune in instead of grabbing our news from the outer world we empowered ourselves. This benefits us going forward because we have tapped into the ultimate Source.

Two: We Jumped Timelines

If we started 2022 ignorant about quantum physics, by the end of 2022 we realized that walking a linear path doesn’t make sense in a quantum world. We set out in one direction only to find ourselves in a completely different location or occupation.

For instance, at the beginning of 2022, I made plans and set out to take my animal communication skills to Vermont, but by the fall, I move to Pennsylvania, a state I had never considered previously. (I’m writing a memoir about this plot twist).

Are you where you hoped to have been at the beginning of 2022? Did you take a sharp left or a u-turn where it came to your career, family, partnership, or big dream? If you did, congratulations because you’re on the ascension train. All aboard.

Three: We Stopped Dancing with Co-dependence

Remember the old days of two steps forward and four steps back when it came to getting entangled with game-players, and irresponsible people (people who refuse to take responsibility for their actions), and perpetual victims?

In 2022, we realized that carrying someone else’s baggage meant that our own lives stagnated and our dreams remained on hold. We learned that we deserved better than to hang out with people who refused to take the next step to their own emancipation from drugs, mental illness, or victimhood.

This didn’t mean we didn’t stand on the sidelines and cheer on those who took first steps to recovery. It meant that we weren’t going to allow others to sacrifice our lives. We learned that “no” is a word. We learned how to set boundaries and stick to them.

Four: We Stopped Watching the News (And Created A Different Reality)

We took our powers of observation and using logic back. When two and two didn’t add up to four, we questioned the source. We followed the money and then we searched for alternatives news sources we trusted. People also left social media platforms such as Facebook because censorship and being told what to think offended our intelligence.

I closed a Facebook account before I left for Vermont. Then, unfortunately, I opened another account so that I could participate in groups only. But I don’t post any personal information, I only have one friend on my account, and I certainly don’t share intellectual properties on a platform where anyone can steal it. You’ll find no pretty photographs in my feed. (If you want to know my opinions on controversial subjects, find me on Locals.com).

The best way to learn the truth is to meditate and ask spirit guides to point us in the right direction. This works every time. There are worldly powers and other-worldly powers. I prefer the second option. In my case, my spirit guides led me to safety and protected me from dishonest people and dangerous situations.

Five: We Took Owndership of Our Bodies

My body is not for sale to the highest bidder. I don’t cave into fearful tactics when it comes to my health. I won’t allow my body to be used as an experiment. I consume only natural products that I trust…How about you?

We read between the lines and followed the money. Some of stopped visiting conventional doctors and searched for energy-healers or natural doctors. We picked up books on nutrition and we watched videos of functional doctors. We enrolled in yoga classes, began meditating, and we changed our diets. We made our own decisions in regard to our bodies and didn’t allow anyone to bully or shame us for our choices. We understand that we need healthy 100% human bodies to ascend into the higher dimensions.

We ate organic foods and honored the natural Earth. We realize we are a part of the Earth. We understand that foods raise or lower our natural frequency. We might have even developed a new spiritual approach that determined what we put in or don’t put in our bodies. The next step is to eliminate all destructive habits towards our bodies and shore up our natural forces to ward off any future bacterial or viral invaders.

Photo by Kindel Media on Pexels.com

If you didn’t experience any of the five things on this list, don’t dismay. 2023 will give you ample opportunities for awakening and empowering yourself. May you be blessed with wisdom, grace, and empowerment. It’s never too late to jump aboard the Ascension Train.

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I'm a former Washingtonian from Washington State, not Washington DC. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, even though my dream was to live and work in Vermont.

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