Create Energy Flow by Uncluttering Now

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Energy flows where our attention goes.

We’ve all heard about energy flow and energy blockages. These occur in our bodies but they also occur in our minds and in our homes. These energy blockages can also prevent work in the form of clients coming in or a flow of an income.

While it’s true we can hire coaches to help us build our businesses and bring in a higher income, but without energy flowing unhindered into our lives and our homes, any money coming in will soon dwindle. So what are ways that we block energy from flowing into our lives that creates happiness, abundance, and peace?

Clutter in the Home or Office Space

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Some people swear that having a disorganized desk with piles of paper and objects in disarray is part of their creative process. That might be true to an extent as far as creativity goes, but clutter creates blockages. This means that a person experiencing clutter could have a pile of paintings they haven’t been able to sell or manuscripts that go unnoticed by agents and editors.

True that there’s more to success than energy flow such as talent and effort, but if the energy is flowing and not blocked by clutter than add that to talent + effort and you’re more likely to experience success. This goes for the flow of clients too.

Clear out clutter and find an organizational system that works for you. This will also save you time in finding important documents or for paying your bills on time.

Calm the Monkey Mind and Practice Mindfulness Meditation

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This one is more of a process that begins with breath or light meditation for several minutes at a time. Eventually, you will build this practice to last five minutes to last over an hour. If your mind is too crazed to meditate, talk to a homeopathic or flower essence practitioner to find remedies to calm the mind. You can also consult with a holistic doctor.

Cut Down on Stimulants (Eat Whole Foods)

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This includes cutting down or cutting out sugar (refined sugar), caffeine, as well as recreational drugs. If you eat a healthy diet of whole foods you are less likely to feel jittery and restless. Adding magnesium was helpful for me but consult your medical doctor when adding supplements.

Another solution to building energy, which might seem counterintuitive, is to exercise, even go for a walk mid-day. Try it and see if this works for you.

Eliminate Distractions

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This list includes gossip, long phone conversations (that are trivial in nature), binging on YouTube videos or television and binging on social media. Believe it or not, when we allow these types of distractions to dominate our lives we are unable to think for ourselves. If we are empathic, which most people seem to be, we create blockages in our energy field. When our energy centers (chakras and meridians) are blocked, disease is in the potential not to mention that we don’t quite feel like ourselves.

While it’s unrealistic to expect anyone to completely eliminate social media, phone conversations, and watching entertainment, find more healthy alternatives when possible such as listening to music, reading books (with healthy for your mind content), cooking, going for walks, meditation, hiking, kayaking, and other enriching practices.

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional so please use discernment when reading this article.

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