5 Benefits of Self-Reiki

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When I studied Reiki the instructor recommended that her students practice Reiki on themselves once or twice a day. At first, I practiced Reiki twice a day, in the morning upon waking and then before going to sleep. And since that time (which was during the spring of 2020), I have not skipped a day.

Oh, there have been times when my session was only ten minutes because I was traveling and on one occasion, I landed in a homeless shelter for a night. But for the most part, I do each hand position for three minutes. Sometimes I go five minutes for the hand positions. I also modified the hand positions since my Reiki training.

Reiki is more than a modality or a healing tool. For me, and for many others, Reiki is a lifestyle. For those of us who practice Reiki on clients, we need to keep our chakras free of energy blockages. We also need to become the healer that heals themselves. In other words, we need to take care of our physical, mental, and emotional stuff so that we don’t dump on our clients or project our own pain or emotions onto them.

Here are my five reasons for practicing self-Reiki at least once a day.

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Reiki practitioners are empathic. We are sponges that take on other people’s problems. Some Reiki practitioners are also psychic and or are recovering co-dependents. They might come from abusive backgrounds or have suffered another type of trauma. How does anyone go through a lifetime without experiencing trauma?

We must take care of ourselves first so that we show up stronger for our clients. Plus, we get that extra boost to start or to end our day. Personally, I can do without any caffeine if I give myself a morning Reiki session. Set the intention that the Reiki boost your energy.

Practice Makes Perfect

When we practice on ourselves, we can experiment by adding other modalities such as using crystals or tuning forks. I also recommend keeping a Reiki journal to keep track of the combination of hand positions with crystals or sound healing tools.

Read books on Reiki and learn new meditations and hand positions. Try new approaches to keep your practice fresh and exciting. Remember that when you first practice on yourself and see the results, you can eventually share those same practices with your clients. Plus, the Reiki doesn’t feel stale or boring.

Reiki Cleanses the Aura

When we use Reiki on ourselves it’s a form of detoxing of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. When we clear away the debris that comes to us from EMFs, bad food, or toxic energy from others, we are able to hear our intuition more clearly. We also hear the direction of our spirit guides and Reiki guides. I feel that’s especially important for healers who combine Reiki with angelic therapy. Clear the pathway for the benevolent spirits to enter.

Include Others in the Session

When I say include others, I’m not asking you to invite others to your home. This is about setting an intention of where the Reiki will flow. You can set the intention that others receive the Reiki at the beginning of the session or after you have built up the Reiki energy mid-way through the session. And you can send the Reiki to just about anywhere since Reiki does not know time or space. Remember to send the Reiki where it needs to go for Highest and Best. This way you don’t interfere with another being’s energy field.

Building Your Practice

Since Reiki can be used for any situation, why not use Reiki to build your practice. Set goals of where you would like to be as a person in six month or a year. You can do this with your Reiki business or as yourself as a person.

Would you like to be kinder, more patient, more humble? Set the intention of where you would like Reiki to take you on your journey of self-discovery.

Final Words

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Practicing self-Reiki on a daily basis helps you commit to the modality. It helps you transform and evolve over time. I know that I’m a different person than I was prior to learning and practicing Reiki. I’m calmer, more patient, and more forgiving despite every trauma that I’ve experienced.

Reiki also led me to learn other modalities such as working with crystals, animal communication, sound therapy, angel therapy, and coaching.

I’m someone who hasn’t been able to commit to anything during my lifetime. But Reiki changed that. I’m a hundred percent on board with Reiki and I know you can be too. Practice self-Reiki everyday and watch your life transform.

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