Transforming Your Home into a Crystal Palace

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Are you someone who loves working with crystals and gemstones? Are you an energy-healer or an empath? You probably already have crystals in your home to create a sacred space, if not read on.

First, it’s important to realize that crystals and gemstones are powerful to work with and if you aren’t someone to watch your moods, thoughts, feelings, and words, then filling your home with crystals wouldn’t be in your best interest.

However, once you become a master of moods and realize the power of words and emotions, then finding the right crystals and the right placement for your home will enhance your life. And as always, know what your intentions before bringing in crystals (you can change your intentions later).

Second, if you’re going to commit to working with crystals, make sure you clear them by cleansing your space on a regular basis. You might even work with the Moon’s phases such as setting intentions with the New Moon and cleansing old energy with the Full Moon. You can use tuning forks and singing bowls to clear yourself and your space.

Third, keep in mind that some types of crystals and stones absorb energy, some project energy and some protect against unwanted energy. If you’re also going to bring in sound, chants, and other modalities, make sure that you are properly trained to avoid pitfalls with the crystals.

The Rise and Fall of Atlantis

While we enjoy adding new stones and crystals to our collection (collecting crystals and stones is a worldwide trend), if we don’t show respect and use caution with these powerful stones, we could create catastrophe, especially with millions of people including crystals in their homes and spiritual practice.

We have heard of the fall of Atlantis and the misuse of crystals that led to that fall. We are once again at the end of one age and the beginning of a new age. We have entered the Age of Aquarius and this age focuses on energy, including crystalline energy. We can either create a healing force using crystals intentionally for the highest good, or we can allow greed and the lust for power to take over which would once again destroy civilization. Let’s not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Creating a Crystal Palace

When I say crystal palace I’m not talking about building a house from crystals. Most people wouldn’t be able to afford that endeavor. However, we can create sacred spaces in our homes using crystals. Some people use Feng Shui to place their crystals. Others use Reiki and intuition. When you buy crystals research the crystals or stones first to see if they match your intention.

Ask yourself, “What is the purpose for bringing crystals into my home?” Are you creating a mediation space, a healing room, or are you using crystals to protect your home and the home’s inhabitants? Are you using crystals for spiritual growth or as part of an ascension process? Do you use the crystals to enhance spiritual communication? Or are you filling your home with crystals to create a healing space as part of a self-care situation?

Then decide which family of crystals you would like to align with. Are you looking to work with the quartz family or the calcite family? Is your preferred stone fluorite or lapis Lazuli or amethyst? What’s your budget? Expensive crystals are necessarily more powerful than inexpensive crystals or stones. The price of crystals and stones is determined by rarity, quality, and the harvesting of stones (ethnically harvested stones are more expensive but kinder to the Earth). The price is not determined by the power or uses for the crystals/stones.

Also, keep in mind that if you don’t want to completely transform your life, don’t bring Moldavite into your home.

Less is more when it comes to crystals and stones. You can fill bowls and plates with smaller stones or choose three large crystals to anchor the four corners of a room or space. I suggest finding stone encyclopedias and learning about the matrices of the stones and the ways each stone can serve you (and the stones might choose not to serve).

Safety Tips

If you have pets or young children, it wouldn’t be a good practice to fill your home with bowls and plates of crystals. Stones could be mistaken for candy (and many stones are toxic too) or an animal might ingest a stone and you would have an emergency situation. So, use common sense when displaying stones. Purchase larger stones that can’t easily be swallowed and place them in areas the pets and children won’t have access.

Personally, I would keep stones away from young children because some stones include asbestos, lead, radiation, and mercury just to name a few toxic chemicals found yes, in natural stones. Remember to wash your hands after handling stones and crystals.

If you wish to charge a glass of water with stones, do not immerse the stones in the water. Instead, place the stones on the outside of a clear glass of water. The stones will charge the water based on the intention you set.

Finally, research the powers of each stone or crystal. For instance, the black stones tend to ward off unwanted energy and offer protection. Clear crystals project energy so if you live in a dysfunctional household where people shout profanity and fill the home with resentment and then you place quartz crystals on a windowsill, you are projecting resentment and hostility to your community. This is where mindfulness comes in.

Final Words

If you would like to transform your home into a crystal palace (sacred space), then becoming mindful is key. Take responsibility for the energies you release into the world. If you tend to suffer from negativity and toxic thoughts, then get mental health counseling or coaching to resolve dominant negative thoughts and attitudes prior to working with crystals.

Crystals help us to manifest our thoughts into reality. So, if your dominant thoughts are doomsday scenarios, then adding crystals to your home at this time would be a grave mistake. Work on yourself, cleanse your space, and practice mindfulness. Then, living in a crystal palace will bring you peace and prosperity.

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