5 Benefits from a Reiki Attunement

Reiki is an energy-healing modality where the Universal Life Force is delivered through the palms of an attuned practitioner to a recipient (person, animal or object). Reiki which was founded by Mikao Usui in Japan (early 1920s), has evolved over time and is currently practiced worldwide.

Reiki differs from other energy-healing modalities in that it can be delivered in-person or from a distance. There are three levels (and now a Grand Master Level). Students received attunements (involves the 4 Reiki symbols) from a Reiki Master who has received attunements and training for the three levels of Reiki.

An attunement is a transfer of energy from the master to the students. While Reiki training in itself is life-transforming, the attunements bring on major life changes such as healing from addictions, choosing a different life path, leaving relationships, finding a soul tribe, relocation, and the more common experience is to undergo a detox process which comes with mild symptoms.

We all have the ability to practice Reiki but becoming attuned focuses the universal life force energy so that it brings healing to ourselves and others.

5 Benefits of Reiki Attunement:

Become Practitioner

When a practitioner is attuned by a Reiki Master, they can begin practicing on others. For a Level One attunement, the Reiki practitioner can give Reiki to themselves, friends, family members and pets. When the Reiki practitioner is attuned to Level Two they can send healing to someone or something at a distance as in giving remote healings.

Teach and Attune Others

If they are attuned at the Master Level, they are qualified to teach and give attunements to students or future Reiki practitioners.

Possess a Portable Healing Modality

The beauty of Reiki is it can be applied to anything or anyone that requests a healing or a shift in energy. It can be applied to machines that are malfunctioning too. I’ve used it on my laptop when it malfunctioned.

Use Reiki on Shelter Animals

A Reiki Master or even a Reiki Practitioner at Level One or Level Two can give either in-person or distance Reiki to animals in need (or people in need). They are qualified to volunteer at an animal or other shelter to give Reiki to others.

Transformation and Evolution

My favorite benefit is the major transformation Reiki brings to a practitioner or master’s life. We become calmer, more mindful, and we desire to serve others. Our values transform from selfish consumerism and living in the mainstream to finding a soul tribe of powerful souls shifting energy on the planet one client at a time. And as far as physical healing, that’s over the top too.

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