6 Lessons Our Dogs Teach Us

Photo by Samson Katt on Pexels.com

Have you ever thought that dog zoomies or going for walks with your dog contains life lessons? Think about the way your dog relishes food or knows that polite behavior has its rewards. While people might say that a dog is just being a dog, I disagree. I believe we learn life lessons from all creatures, but today, we’ll explore the lessons of Professor Canine.

Adapting to New Situations

Dogs are able to go from a shelter into a foster program and then into a permanent home. They require loving attention and patience from human caregivers as they make these transitions but often times the dogs even bounce back from challenging situations that would break most humans.

My first childhood dog came to my family as a stray. And then we moved twice after he appeared in our lives and each time he adapted to his new surroundings with ease.


You couldn’t find a more loyal companion than your dog. It’s true that some dogs are fickle as far as which family member they choose to offer affection, but the dogs still guard the family home and protect each pack member from danger (it depends on the dog).

We also need to remember that what we give to the dog, he or she gives one-hundred times back to us. This is why it’s important to be loving-kind towards our pets and not to abuse or neglect them. And even abused dogs have shown loyalty to the people who abused them. That actually breaks my heart but at the same time, proves that dogs earn their reputation as loyal companions.

Unconditional Love

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Dogs don’t care what we are wearing or even how we look. They offer us unconditional love even when we’re at our worst, including our behavior. They stick around when we are feeling depressed or anxious. They stick with their people when the people are battling diseases, even life-threatening diseases.

Dogs would never play narcissistic mind games, criticize our behavior or appearance or lie to us. Although they can sometimes make improvements in their behavior, they are forgiving of ours.


Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

Actually, mindfulness is taught to us by all creatures. We naturally think of cats as having a Zen mindset. Dogs teach us to live in each moment. The lifespan of the average dog (with the exception of the smaller dogs) is between seven and fifteen years, depending on the breed. So, this is why it’s important to savor each moment we have with them.

But if you ever sink into your heart when you’re with your dog (who doesn’t?) you’ll find that you too are living in the moment. You are in touch with your being-ness. That’s what mindfulness is all about. Relaxation is also good for your mind-body because it relieves you of stress hormones which age you can cause disease.

Lifelong Learning

It’s true that socializing a dog when he/she is a puppy leads to a well-behaved and calmer dog. However, dogs can learn new tricks at any age. It’s a best practice to continually stimulate the dog’s brain and physical body.

Dogs can learn agility or other dog sports at any age (be gentle when they are seniors). They can learn to work food puzzles. And why not teach them to use talk buttons (trending for dogs and cats thanks to Tik Tok and YouTube)?

I mentioned zoomies earlier and other signs of playfulness in a dog is the infamous play pose (which I find adorable). Dogs also enjoy their toys (and just like little children never seem to have enough toys). They like playing fetch, catching Frisbees and yes, playing with other dogs.

Higher energy dogs require more stimulation and it’s best to keep them active. The herding dogs are constantly learning and reminding us to engage in lifelong learning too. Why not learn new activities with your dog?


Photo by Hilary Halliwell on Pexels.com

This playfulness comes through in the videos featuring dog farms and other outdoor adventures with the pack. Dogs enjoy running, chasing other dogs, rolling in the grass, chasing balls, taking a dip in a lake, and getting outdoors in the fresh air. They remind us humans to work less, worry less, and play more. And did you know that play is the best way to stimulate the brain when working on creative or any project. So, humans can return to their work renewed thanks to their Zen canine teaching them the benefits of playtime.

Would you like to learn more lessons from your dog? Would you like to know what your dog’s desires are or would you like to correct a behavior issue?

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