Ways to Stay Calm During Turmoil

Photo by Alex Brites on Pexels.com

Life can change in an instant and this reminds us not to take anything or anyone for granted. Now, that we are in the middle of eclipse season, change happens suddenly and unexpected. There are times when we embrace happy changes and other times, when we feel saddled with more stress than we can handle.

This happened to me with the Aries Solar Eclipse. The day started out on a good note even though I crossed my fingers hoping to avoid any catastrophes. I had headed to a city ruled by Aries. That was risky in itself, especially because the Aries energy had already hammered me for several weeks, including me having to get a broken molar fixed.

Towards the end of my day when I was getting ready to take a bus home, I disembarked from the connector bus and moments later, I tripped and fell on the sidewalk. I was in too much pain to become embarrassed. At first, I thought I just sprained my ankle but I was unable to walk on it. The excruciating pain caused tears to well in my eyes and panic to arrive in my heart.

I prayed to Archangel Michael since I was alone in a city where I know few people and I didn’t have any phone numbers to call anyway. The angels told me to call 9-11 and I was taken to an emergency room where I was quickly navigated through the system of the hospital. I had the x-rays which revealed fractured ankle. But my problem was how I was going to get home since I lived 20 miles away and the last bus would have already left.

After waiting three hours for a ride, I arrived at my apartment (a second floor walkup) and was hoisted up the stairs while sitting in a flimsy wheelchair. Then I had to learn how to use crutches but I fell and became phobic of the crutches which seemed to have a mind of their own. (I later was helped by a physical therapist who showed me the correct way to use the crutches).

So, my life was turned upside down and a 500 square foot apartment felt gigantic as I walked with crutches to the bathroom. And I could go on because I’m writing this during a chaotic moment. And I’ll refrain from stressing you out.

Five Things You Can Do To Calm Overwhelm

Photo by Josh Sorenson on Pexels.com
  1. Breathe (several deep and long breaths)
  2. If you can, place both feet on the ground and draw up the Earth’s energy into the soles of your feet and up through your chakras and then back down again into the Earth.
  3. Listen to your favorite music that you know calms or uplifts you.
  4. Color, draw, or read a book to get your mind off your problems.
  5. Go to bed early and let everything on your to-do list wait until a better time.

Whatever you do, don’t become impatient and push yourself forward. When an unwanted change shows up in our lives it’s time to retreat, reflect, and reassess. Also, don’t buy into the negative self-talk that will try to lodge in your brain. And it will show up as soon as you quiet your mind.

Remember that we all have our big moments where we celebrate our lives and the darker moments where we question everything. Perhaps, it helps to remember better times when you’re going through a darker passage. Grab a photo album of your past successes to remind yourself that good times will arrive again.

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