Coming Up Gemini Season (May 21 – June 21)–Tale of Two Realities

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I feel that Gemini Season for 2023 will overall be fresh air for many people. It offers a space for having fun and doing something creative. It’s also a time of speaking your truth through writing or speaking.

However, having said that, Gemini is a dualistic sign and there is a darker side or the flipside of the carefree Gemini energy which is pessimism, over analysis, and choosing logic over intuition or the unseen realms.

Gemini Season, especially around the Sagittarius Moon on June 3, is a fantastic time to take a road trip, go camping, or go somewhere you’ve never been before. It’s a time to visit a museum, pick up books at the library, join a book club (if that’s your thing) or attend a concert. It’s a good time for gatherings and getting together with friends now that Mercury (Gemini’s planet) is moving direct (after a retrograde in Taurus).

This is also a time of taking a class or a workshop or enrolling in a longer lifelong learning program. This is the time of accomplishments as students graduate from high school and universities during Gemini Season (if they graduate during the spring). So, this might be why I see many young people heading out on road trips or camping. I see some people heading to a yoga retreat which is less effective during chatty Gemini Season. This is a yang time so it’s harder to become mindful, but not impossible.

The darker side of Gemini are the conspiracies that float around on social media, gossip, and talking out both sides of the mouth. This is a time when practicing integrity as in walking one’s talk is crucial. And yet, many people are going to say one thing and behave in the opposite manner of their words. People could also be hung up on trivial matters and distractions instead of practicing mindfulness.

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Mental health issues that are cognitive based rear their ugly heads. People seem hyperactive (just like they do during Aries Season) except now it shows up in people speaking rapidly and not making sense because they jump from tangents. The best way to handle this influx of energy is to eat a balanced diet, stay hydrated, take calming supplements and get physical exercise. Practicing grounding exercises such as sitting near a tree or working with gemstones helps us stay within our bodies instead of floating above them.

Gemini is about choices and you decide how you will experience Gemini Season. You can work on mindfulness or get lost in trivial pursuits. You can waste your time on the phone gossiping or go to a place you’ve never been before or learn new information (that’s not gossip based).

Either way, Gemini Season is the most fun of the 12 Zodiac Seasons. Remember to say affirmations, journal, write stories, and use the Mercury energies of Gemini. Launch your own podcast show or YouTube channel. What do you have to lose?

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2 thoughts on “Coming Up Gemini Season (May 21 – June 21)–Tale of Two Realities

  1. Great insights on how to make the most out of Gemini Season. It’s a great reminder to focus on mindfulness and creativity rather than trivial pursuits during this time. Thank you for sharing!
    founder of balance thy life


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