Shamanism Versus Animal Communication

When looking at listings for animal communicators it seems like shamanism and animal communication are interchangeable (judging from the websites I’ve visited). But shamanism and animal communication are different disciplines. And here’s where they differ. A true shaman has been trained and initiated into working in spirit realms. Their tasks include soul retrieval (retrieving lostContinue reading “Shamanism Versus Animal Communication”

Reiki Principle #3: Honesty

Just for today, I’m honest with myself and others. Growing up many of us heard the phrase, “Honesty is the best policy.” Yet, we were exposed to scandals and stories of wealthy con artists who gained from dishonesty and practices that lacked integrity. We were also told the difference between white lies and real lies.Continue reading “Reiki Principle #3: Honesty”

Reiki Principle #1–Trust

Every Reiki practitioner knows the Five Reiki Principles and hopefully practices them on a daily basis. All five principles prove challenging but then, that is the point. Practice helps us grow as humans and energy-healers. Let’s explore, the principle of trust. We already explored Reiki Principle #2 which is, “Just for today, I resolve myContinue reading “Reiki Principle #1–Trust”

The Reiki Principles–Resolving Anger

Never take the 5 Reiki Principles for granted. A true Reiki practitioner, especially at the Master Level, practices or at least reflects on the principles each day. Each of us has a particular principle or perhaps, more than one principle which we find challenging. For me, it’s “Just for today, I will resolve my anger.”Continue reading “The Reiki Principles–Resolving Anger”

Quartz Crystal–Magnetic & Magical

Often due to its overabundance as far as availability, the clear quartz crystal is overlooked. Yet, this crystal magnetizes the qualities of other gemstones or crystals, especially when used in a grid. It also amplifies the other crystals. From the Lemurian to the cathedral quartz crystal there are many clear crystals to choose from. TheyContinue reading “Quartz Crystal–Magnetic & Magical”