What’s More Important–The Diet or the Belief about the Diet?

You don’t have to go far on the internet to find debates about which diet is healthier than another. Authors or motivational speakers position themselves as Paleo or Vegan experts. But these are just labels that too many people have treated like religious beliefs. Different dietary camps even seem cult-like at times. Warning: Trigger AlertContinue reading “What’s More Important–The Diet or the Belief about the Diet?”

Coming Up Gemini Season (May 21 – June 21)–Tale of Two Realities

I feel that Gemini Season for 2023 will overall be fresh air for many people. It offers a space for having fun and doing something creative. It’s also a time of speaking your truth through writing or speaking. However, having said that, Gemini is a dualistic sign and there is a darker side or theContinue reading “Coming Up Gemini Season (May 21 – June 21)–Tale of Two Realities”

Ways to Stay Calm During Turmoil

Life can change in an instant and this reminds us not to take anything or anyone for granted. Now, that we are in the middle of eclipse season, change happens suddenly and unexpected. There are times when we embrace happy changes and other times, when we feel saddled with more stress than we can handle.Continue reading “Ways to Stay Calm During Turmoil”

When Self-Development Turns into Self-Indulgence

Self-development (self-actualization) is a journey and not a destination. We’re all on a path to self-development in one way or another. Some people are conscious of this journey and others have less awareness. So, when we enroll in a workshop, read a book, or meet a group who focuses on self-development, we want to shareContinue reading “When Self-Development Turns into Self-Indulgence”

Animal Communication Series on YouTube

Buzz and Bark Animals will now feature series. The first series is uses for animal communication. This week, we look at hiring an animal communicator for taking an animal through a transitions such as from a shelter into your home. Next week, the topic is hiring an animal communicator at the end of a pet’sContinue reading “Animal Communication Series on YouTube”