Connected with The Spirits of Animals

Perhaps, it seems impossible to some that an animal communicator can work with an animal that is 3,000 miles away. I work from photographs and the communication I received from the animals is accurate. When I speak to the animals I’m connected with a longtime friend called Spirit.

Horses by Timur Abasov is licensed under CC-BY-NC 4.0

Animal communication has been around for centuries. In fact, in ancient times before we became the humans that we are today, we all communicated with other species. Perhaps, this is precognitive or pre-language of words. I wonder if we created through images, feelings, and sensations. Today animal communicators use words, sensations, feelings, and images. We also use sounds. It depends on the communicator’s special gifts.

When I gaze into the photograph of the animal my body is flooded with feelings. My third eye opens up like a movie screen. Sometimes I’m shown funny images and other times, sad ones. I also work with symbols the animals send me. The animals seem almost human when they speak to me and yet, they are otherworldly because their perceptions are not human at all. They show me the world from four feet or from great heights as they wing their way above the Earth. Or maybe I’m shown the grounded perspective of a lizard or a snake. The gifts the creatures share with me are priceless.

But when a client hires me to communicate with the animals in their care or guardianship, they have specific situations in mind they ask me to explore. And the clients are brave souls for they bare their egos when they ask their animals to tell them the truth of a situation. Remember humans are half of whatever problem needs to be solved. Animals don’t act up for no reason. Animal communication is a tool for deepening relationships between animals and their guardians.

Often times, animals harbor grievances and complaints they want to resolve. And overtime the animal can develop resentment and his or her unwanted behaviors increase thus putting the animal in danger of being dumped off at a shelter or worse. Hiring an animal communicator prevents animals ending up in shelters or being discarded. But that’s only if the animal’s guardian is humble and can take some constructive criticism. Often times, it is the unconscious behaviors or attitudes that leads to the destructive behaviors of the pets.

Animal communicators play many roles and one of them is a diplomat. It’s not enough to learn telepathy and interpretive skills. An animal communicator must also hone interpersonal communication skills and to deliver their analysis with tact. An animal communicator loves animals and cares about their welfare. However, coming off as a strident animal activist or a militant vegan won’t help anyone. We don’t have to agree with the client’s lifestyle or attitude but we must reveal the causal effect on the pets.

Animal communication is a skill we can all learn. And in fact, the original humans had this skill as part of their survival toolkit. When humans migrated to urban environments and left the country life behind, they lost this gift. They also lost their center of reference and their connection to Gaia. Through animal communication we regain our true identity on this planet which is to be in alignment with every species and being in the collective field of consciousness.

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Reiki As a Travel Companion

My dream revolved around finding another spiritual healer and renting a sprinter van to travel from Washington State to Vermont. And along the way we were going to do ceremonies for the land and give Reiki to the world around us. But it didn’t happen that way.

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I never found a woman healer to travel with and split the cost of a sprinter van. This was in early April and that’s not the best month for traveling across the US. But my rental lease on Whidbey Island expired on March 31.

I rented a ReloCube and bought a train ticket to travel the rails from Everett, Washington to Springfield, Mass. However, the day before I began this arduous journey, I hurt my right foot. Not being able to walk well I wondered how on Earth I was going to travel by train across a country to a state where I knew no one and had nowhere to live.

I practiced Reiki on myself for most of the journey. I beamed Reiki to the Rocky Mountains in Montana and to the barren grassy lands in North Dakota and then most of the places the train passed. I beamed Reiki to the birds hoping they would spread the energy in the places where they landed.

When I finally landed in Brattleboro at the Latchis Hotel completely exhausted from my journey, I continued the Reiki flow. And then a week later, I visited a Reiki Master for a healing on my foot (it worked!)

While many of us have this grandiose ideas of the way we will deliver Reiki to the world, we need to push our egos out of the way. Reiki decides how it will be applied and it’s often nowhere near our original vision. However, no matter the way Reiki shows up it always heals us and everyone it touches.

I’ll end with the principle Just for today I give gratitude and in this case, it’s for how Reiki shows up for me. Reiki has eased the way for me on this journey which hasn’t ended yet (it ends when I move into a permanent home). Reiki has helped me face my fears and doubts. It has calmed the anxiety that appears in the middle of the night.

And in the morning when I practice self-Reiki I’m able to stay calm for the day.

Practices for traveling with Reiki

Beam Reiki everywhere for the highest and best results

Practice self-Reiki

Recite the 5 Reiki principles


And use the Reiki Shower often to clean off energy

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The Meaning of Eclipses

I have some friends who think nothing of eclipses. I know some people who, even though they are born under the Sign of the Moon, Cancer, don’t follow the Moon cycles. And yet, in the astrological realm, eclipses bring powerful changes and closure to old cycles.

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This year the Moon Nodal Axis falls in Scorpio and Taurus. This means that the majority of eclipses we experience during an 18-month period are in Taurus and Scorpio. Since Uranus, the Awakener and planet of “sudden changes” is transiting in Taurus (and Mars transits into Taurus in July), the changes the eclipses bring in 2022 are more dramatic than usual.

None of us stands here without having endured massive changes and transformation, especially since 2012 when Uranus transited into Aries and went to battle with Pluto in Capricorn. At this time, Uranus is reaching the mid-degrees of Taurus and Pluto has reached the culmination degrees (27 to 29 degrees). This means that the Pluto transit that began in January 2008 is finishing up old business. This is the point where the karma hits the fan

If we have resisted these changes then Uranus in Taurus in conjunction with the eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio will force us to change. This occurs through sudden and unexpected events in the form of economic collapse, a drastic change of values, or earth events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Add Pisces to that mix, and this includes tidal waves, tsunamis, hurricanes and flooding, even in areas that normally don’t flood.

The change of values also signifies downsizing and simplifying ones’ life. What really matters when the karma hits the fan? Do we value the people and animals in our lives over materialism? Do we value our health and well-being over our careers? We’ve already seen this scenario playing out with the loss of jobs due to the pandemic experience brought on by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn.

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Other questions involve, are we willing to relocate to new regions to spread our light and to do the work of a higher power? Or are we going to cling to fear and spread fear like a contagion that is often worse than the disease or situation we most fear? When will we claim our independence, including independence from fossil fuels (Pisces/Neptune/Jupiter)?

Make no mistake, with eclipses in Scorpio (the ruler of hidden secrets, scandals, death, birth, and taboo topics) and Taurus (what we value and the Earth) wed to Uranus in Taurus we are approaching spiritual mastership or we are seduced by the demonic forces on the planet (fear, greed, lust, and acquisition). We can as light workers and shadow workers (you are a shadow worker if you have strong Scorpio and Capricorn placements in your Natal Chart) here to acquire our spiritual mastership through service to humanity (or animals and the planet).

While I won’t jump back on the Law of Attraction train of thought, where we place our focus determines the future of the planet. If we choose ascension then we had better mean it and back that up with our attitudes, behaviors, and thoughts. When someone approaches us with more lack and limitation or victim-consciousness it’s up to us to either see a tornado destroying those frequencies or to surround ourselves with white light and powerful mirrors. Please don’t take on those lower frequencies ever again, especially if you are an energy-healer. Transmute and transform them. Transfigure lower frequencies if that works for you.

Photo by Tara Winstead on

Eclipses don’t just take us to the crossroads, but they propel us in new directions. And if we resist (which could happen on the axis of Scorpio and Taurus), we only create more pain and suffering for ourselves. This isn’t to say that these energies won’t bring the usual challenges and obstacles for us to overcome. The pain and suffering I’m talking about occurs as physical pain or disease but even those can be overcome. And if it is our time to pass to other realms, then Scorpio provides an outlet for that to happen (physical death).

We walk through the shadow lands at this time or as one novelist described it in her dystopian fantasy based on a Greek myth, the “shadow-less land” where the dead don’t cast a shadow. In this shadow land, we are asked to integrate our shadows into our light and to accept all parts of ourselves. That’s when we claim our true and authentic power. And as we do that, we no longer need to acquire worldly power or materialism. We detach and live in the world but not of it. That is enlightenment in my definition.

I’m writing this article the day before Easter (which for me symbolizes the return of light). We have passed through Good Friday and its symbolism and we wait for our own resurrection of light to occur. While I don’t practice Christianity any longer, I do enjoy the symbolism of Christmas and Easter in regard to the light that floods the Earth. I do believe in the miracles of the Holy Spirit and I hope that more people choose to embody Christ-Consciousness that leads to unity and peace.

Eclipses bring us sudden endings but with those endings they also usher in new beginnings. In saying this, I see the rainbow after the electrical storm. The winds of change rush in to deliver us to a better place where we can rest and experience peace, at least for the moment. Don’t fear the storms. Don’t fear the challenges. And don’t chase your shadows away (not that you could). Embrace every part of you–both the light and the shadows.

If you want to find out your soul blueprint (shadow or light worker), sign up for an astrology or coaching session with me. I would be happy to work with you in navigating the path of your soul. Now, is the time to get to work on your life mission.

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Love Yourself Through Transitions

It’s ironic that despite my healing as a healer and a coach, I still beat myself up during hard times. The main problem with beating ourselves up at any time, especially hard times is it negates the healing we’ve done for ourselves.

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Yet, having this nugget of wisdom doesn’t prevent me from saying mean things to myself. It doesn’t prevent me from forgetting to nourish or refresh my body. And then the worst part is getting caught up in the litany of, “Well, I should have done this or I shouldn’t have done that.” Except, I did what I did and it took me to the place where I am now. There’s a reason why I’m here and it’s up to me to choose evolution.

Do you hear what I’m saying? We all beat ourselves up from time to time. But when it becomes the mainstream narrative of our inner movie, it damages our sense of self and creates confusion for the soul. We’re all here to learn and grow. That involves making mistakes. So, why beat ourselves up over a common human experience?

We might not see the progress we’ve made right away. It might be years later in retrospect that we glean the truth of our experiences. Also, when we face challenges we forget that others face their own challenges. We might feel alone but we’re not. We’re in the trenches with humanity. Although it feels like someone or a higher power singled us out to suffer that’s not the truth of our situations.

When we face challenges (and boy am I facing them during my own transition), we must be kind to ourselves. Take time to rest. Replenish with healthy food and clean water. Take that long bath or go for a walk in nature. Listen to music. Dance, sing, or play a musical instrument. Read an uplifting book or watch an inspirational movie.

I also encourage everyone to learn Reiki Level One. It’s easy to learn and you can practice Reiki everyday on yourself, your friends, and your pets. When you practice on others you also give Reiki to yourself. Anyone can learn Reiki and with practice become adept with the energy-healing modality. Reiki is a gift we all naturally have inside us but learning how to use that gift can bolster the planet and humanity. I learned Reiki to gift to animals.

Face it, no one on this planet is going to avoid going through a transition. The planet is shifting and transitioning. The entire Universe is exploding in higher consciousness. The solar winds and flares are hitting the Earth and changes are occurring underground too.

We all must pursue our heart-centered dreams now. Believe in the impossible. Believe that there are multiple timelines and you have the ability to jump to a better timeline. We all have that choice. But getting there involves raising our conscious awareness. And that means we stop beating ourselves up or telling ourselves we don’t deserve prosperity, abundance, and joy.

As we enter more deeply into the Aquarius Age, let’s treat ourselves like spiritual royalty. Let’s love our inner children and all parts of ourselves. Let’s laugh at our mistakes and learn from them. If we fall, let’s help each other to get back on the path. Namaste.

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Tips on Crystal Reiki for Pets

Crystal Reiki combines the powerful grounding energies of gemstones with the focus of a Reiki session. Crystal Reiki isn’t just for humans. You can use it on your pets too.

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Here are five tips on how to combine crystals and Reiki.

  1. Keep it simple.

While you might have an array of gemstones and crystals that you enjoy working with, when you give a crystal Reiki session with an animal less is more. It’s best to use one or two stones. Don’t mistake the number of stones with the power of the session.

2. Place the stones near the animal but not on the animal.

Animals move and shift so the stones or crystals would fall off the animal. The animal might feel uncomfortable having a stone placed on his or her body.

It’s best to place a stone near the crown of the animal on the surface of a table or the floor. Place another one near the bottom of the spine or on the floor underneath a treatment table.

If you are giving a remote crystal Reiki session then do the same with your surrogate. If you work with a photograph or the name of the animal on a piece of paper, then place the crystals (or single crystal) on top of the paper.

3. Choose common or simple stones

You don’t need to use expensive with the stones you use for animal Reiki. Rose quartz or blue calcite bring calmness to the session and create a peaceful environment. Jasper will work too.

4. Use non-toxic stones

What many people don’t realize are that many gemstones contain heavy metals, asbestos, arsenic, and even radiation. When you use stones on your animal clients or your pets, research the mineral contents of each stones. Rose quartz is always a safe bet whereas Amazonite and fluorite are not.

5. Ask for permission of the animal

Often as Reiki practitioners we assume that if we have permission from the animal’s guardian then we also have the consent of the animal. And while it might sound strange to ask the animal’s consent this can be done telepathically or by using a healer’s intuition.

Perhaps, the animal agrees to the Reiki session but doesn’t want the energy of a crystal or gemstone. The animal might also want to sniff the crystal but don’t allow the animal to lick it (for the sake of safety).

One final note. If you are a Reiki practitioner who would like to include crystals in your practice, make sure that it is covered by your liability insurance for your practice. Not all insurance companies include this. When you are adding new features to your practice it’s a good idea to run it past your insurance company.

I hope you enjoyed these tips. If you practice Reiki or crystal Reiki on animals, feel free to leave your own tips in the comments.

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