The Reiki Principles–Resolving Anger

Never take the 5 Reiki Principles for granted. A true Reiki practitioner, especially at the Master Level, practices or at least reflects on the principles each day. Each of us has a particular principle or perhaps, more than one principle which we find challenging. For me, it’s “Just for today, I will resolve my anger.”

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Anger is everywhere in our society from people shooting another to repressed anger coming out as sarcasm or other passive-aggressive behaviors. It comes through in harsh words. It comes through in the idea of competition or the grit in our life circumstances. However, anger is just an energy. It only becomes a problem when we become stranded in the land of anger.

A positive side of anger is that it motivates us to make changes in ourselves and in our lives. If we don’t want to keep burning our hand on the stove then we use a potholder to protect our hands. If we constantly feel frustrated or irritated with our job or boss, we can use anger to motivate us to find another job or at least to take steps in that direction.

Anger also shows us where we are wounded. It’s where our shadows lie, if we can admit that we have shadows. We all have them. Even the saints had shadows. Jesus had shadows. Buddha had shadows. And no ascended person is beyond experiencing anger. But what an ascended person does allows the anger to flow through them and to learn from it. Or in the very least, to ride the wave of that anger to the wound so that it can be healed. When a situation no longer triggers us, we have healed it.

So, as I recite the principles and I get to the second one regarding anger, I have caught myself rushing past it. Yet, I’ve had many triggering moments during the past several months, if not the past decades. When I feel this anger, I know it’s in my best interest to pray and to surrender it to a higher power. I can also turn to tools such as Emotional Freedom Technique tapping or John Newton’s forgiveness prayer (Ancestral DNA clearing). Or I can turn to Reiki and feel the anger in my body as sensations and colors as I seek out the original wound.

Oh, but there are circumstances in which my wounded ego would rather stew or engage in vengeful thoughts. “Oh, she’ll get hers for treating me like that.” Or “How dare they treat me with disrespect.” The problem is we meet people at different levels of consciousness and some people are going to trigger us, like it or not.

Just because I practice Reiki doesn’t prevent narcissists and sociopaths from showing up on my path. However, I can use Reiki to lift myself above the situation so that I see it from a different vantage point and refuse to take it personally. I can also use Reiki to build my confidence so that I don’t beat myself up just because another person is vicious and it’s hard for me to fathom a person like that. It’s true that my inner child wants to like everyone and for them to like me back. But get real.

The truth is situations and people will trigger an anger response in us. It’s up to us to choose to stay in the heat or to find ways to resolve it. Ignoring or pushing anger away won’t resolve it. And in fact, we’ll keep meeting people who trigger us until we address and resolve the original wound. If anything, Reiki is a master teacher who expects a deeper level of commitment from practitioners.

Spiritual teachers tell us that the Earth is a school and we are all here to learn and grow. Sometimes I doubt the validity of this because I have met people who refuse to evolve, at least for the time being. Maybe I’m missing subtle changes because I feel enraged with their behaviors towards me. Because I experience outrage when I’m dealt another injustice or someone gaslights me because they can.

I’ve struggled with anger for my entire life. Learning Reiki only has shined a spotlight on the ways I deal or don’t deal with this explosive emotion. I’m sure that in his humanity, Master Usui, who created the 5 Reiki Principles for himself and his students experienced moments of anger. He knew this was one of the big 5 obstacles that spiritual seekers encounter on their quest for enlightenment. But how will we show up when presented with this hot potato emotion?

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Quartz Crystal–Magnetic & Magical

Often due to its overabundance as far as availability, the clear quartz crystal is overlooked. Yet, this crystal magnetizes the qualities of other gemstones or crystals, especially when used in a grid. It also amplifies the other crystals.

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From the Lemurian to the cathedral quartz crystal there are many clear crystals to choose from. They come in various shapes and sizes ranging from spheres to pyramids; wands to twin crystals or soul group crystals. And every Reiki practitioner needs to have several quartz crystals used within a practice. This is the same message for energy-healers in general. And for sound therapists, I recommend a quartz crystal (clear) singing bowl.

Quartz crystals are also amplifiers in that they will enhance and send out the energies of the other crystals. Place them in a window to send out Reiki or other high-frequency energies. Place them in the corners of a room as a protection grid. Mix them with other crystals from the same family such as rose quartz, green quartz, and smoky quartz (although smoky quartz does contain radiation so use with caution).

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Remember to clean the quartz periodically especially if you have experienced any strong energies in your space. A salt bath for a 24 hour cycle or exposed to sunlight and moonlight cleanses the crystal. You can also clear a crystal using your voice, tuning forks, rattles, a drum, or a singing bowl.

After you cleanse the crystal (s) charge them with an intention or program the crystal for a specific purpose. So, if you are placing the crystal in a prosperity grid ask it to amplify drawing in prosperity and abundance. Do this with grids for health, love, and peace too.

Overall, don’t overlook the quartz crystal. While this is a general term that refers to the family of quartz, I’m specifically referring to clear quartz. The smaller crystals are relatively inexpensive and pair with amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, calcite, and fluorite. But don’t stop there, follow your intuition and ask the crystals for the best pairings.

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No One Wants Unsolicited Advice

When someone is in trouble and they connect with people with a direct request, they’re not looking for advice. When someone posts an ad seeking an apartment or room to rent, they are not asking for an analysis of the housing market.

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Yet, so many people think that offering unsolicited advice is a form of compassion. It’s not. And it’s a waste of energy to toss unwanted advice at someone. If you can’t help the person out with their request, then just leave it at that. You don’t need to say anything. You don’t need to force your suggestions on this person who might be suffering from anxiety or depression in that moment. They’re already feeling overwhelmed and if you’re not a mental health counselor, refrain from causing a bigger storm.

Most of use these days are just trying to get through each moment. Even getting through an entire day is daunting. I used to have a life where I could plan ahead for a week, a month, or even a year. Those days have ended. I’ve been in a crisis mode since April (2022) and the last thing I want are people treating me like I’m too stupid to know what resources are available to me or even better yet, how to use the resources.

I’m in my fifties and I’ve rented many homes during my adult years so I don’t need advice on how to look for housing. The search has multiple approaches which includes responding to ads (hoping they’re aren’t scam posts), contacting management companies and realtors as well as, posting housing wanted ads.

The problem isn’t the approach. The problem is that many long-term rentals have been transformed into vacation rentals. The problem is not enough new construction has been built as far as rentals. The problem is not that someone looking for a home doesn’t know how to conduct a search. The problem isn’t the lack of networking. The problem is an epidemic of greed and heartlessness. Do you even know how to solve all that?

Twenty years ago people could find homes to rent. Why is it then that this has changed dramatically? And how is unsolicited advice (which I call a lazy response to kindness and compassion) going to solve this problem? It only makes the person giving the advice feel secure in that moment and even a bit smug.

And this unsolicited advice also happens around health conditions, job searches, and other situations that come up for people. If someone needs health advice aren’t they better off going to a medical professional than listening to someone causing their head to spin with advice (social media). Why is it that we live in an age when everyone thinks they are an expert on everything? When someone acts like an expert they are almost always acting in a condescending way. They treat the people seeking help like they are idiots. But remember that saying about when we point a finger at someone, the other fingers are pointing back at us.

This is a heavier topic than what I usually post. I do believe with the Sun moving into Virgo today we will be more critical than usual. I also wanted to speak my truth about unsolicited advice because it represents a toxic exchange of energy that isn’t healthy for either party. The person giving the advice is now blue in the face and frustrated while the other person (who had advice hurled at them) is experiencing a blow to her self-esteem.

Connecting people with resources is different than giving unsolicited advice or sharing an analysis with someone needing help. Share a phone number of a professional organization or say that you will network the person’s request. These are two uplifting ways to help another person without experiencing resentment and burnout.

Use discernment. If a person has legal issues then he needs to speak to a legal professional. If a person is suffering from a health condition, they won’t find answers on a forum of their peers, unless it’s a referral phone number to a medical professional. In an age of misinformation, much of that misinformation comes unqualified and unproved from peers and not experts. Are we going to entrust our lives to friends on social media (unless they are experts)?

The humble person refrains from stroking his or her ego by acting like a smarty pants. We live in a world where a crisis is occurring every moment. People request help from all corners and it can grow tiresome. Trying to solve or quickly fix another person’s problem so that we feel more at peace in the world only leads to battles. If we want to experience a better world then that’s an inside job. We need to work on ourselves. And then after we make improvements in our own lives, we inspire others. Everything we do from the inside out ripples out to create more peace in the world.

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What Does Your Pet Want from You?

My favorite people are humans who ask the question, what does my animal companion need or want from me? And another question I enjoy hearing as an animal communicator (pet psychic) is, what does my dog or cat need to feel happy?

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There are many questions we would like to ask animals whether they are wild or domesticated. Just think of the number of songs which ask the animals questions. Or the number of books written on animal behavior from a scientific perspective. But what about asking the animals directly what they desire from humans?

Perhaps, we are already doing this informally or indirectly. Because each time you talk to your pet, you are also sending images to them. This is a form of telepathy. Or maybe you’re at work and midway through the day you see a clear image of your dog, cat, or other pet. That animal is communicating with you. Yes, all animals have the ability to communicate telepathically. Humans have this ability too but we have forgotten how to use it. Or if we know how to use it, we don’t trust that it’s real.

Also when we interact with our animal companions we put out subtle cues through our body language, pheromones, or in our voice. We might not detect any of this but the animals who are more instinctual and perceptive than we are, pick up on all of this. They do this because they still have within their DNA a remembrance of protecting themselves in the wild. They still remember what it’s like to be a member of a pack, a herd, a pride, or a flock.

Some breeds of cats and dogs even remember the type of work they would normally perform. And some of those animals would still like to do that type of work or similar. Just because humans have a negative view of work and would rather sleep on a couch than go to work, animals don’t share that lazy trait.

I can hear someone correcting me and telling me that his dog sleeps all day and is lazy. But what would happen if you gave that dog a task to do? There are even videos where an animal puts himself to work.

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What Happens to Animals after Adoption?

Perhaps, you’ve seen the videos of adoption day; balloons in the office of the animal shelter, the new parents (of the animal) taking selfies or shooting videos with their phone. But what happens after the animal arrives at his or new home? And will there be a twist in the story?

Here’s how to prevent returning the animal to the shelter and helping him or her adjust to a new home.

Best Self-Care Ever Become a Reiki Master

We often speak about self-care especially as we navigate this troubled planet. And self-care comes in many forms from eating healthy, to taking a yoga class, and getting a massage. But what about adding becoming a Reiki Master to that list?

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Here are 5 Benefits to Learning Reiki

  1. When we practice Reiki on ourselves we clear our meridians and unblock our chakras. This allows the Universal Life Force or prana to flow through our bodies leading to greater mental, emotional, and physical health.

2. Practicing Reiki transforms our lives from the mundane details of our daily lives to the choice of career and relationships. We let destructive relationships and jobs go and we allow new ones to replace them.

3. Reiki helps us to stay calm during chaotic and troubled times. We remember the Five Principles of Reiki which helps us to live our best lives even when our lives our put to the test.

This includes, trusting our circumstances, resolving anger, remembering to practice gratitude, being honest with ourselves and others, and being kind to ourselves and others.

4. We can use Reiki on any situation that comes up in our lives. We can send Reiki to our children, parents, friends, spouses, pets, and even people we don’t know who live across the world from us. When we bless them, Reiki blesses us.

5. Finally we can charge or bless our food and our drinking water with Reiki. There isn’t anything we can’t use Reiki for as long as it’s used with the intention that the Reiki flows only where it is needed for highest and best.

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It’s possible again to learn Reiki in person or you can still learn it online. You can learn all three levels including the Master Level or just the First Level. Reiki can be used in person or as distance Reiki. Either way it works. While I resisted learning Reiki for years, the best gift I ever gave myself was to become a Reiki Master. This journey has transformed my life.

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Clearing a Space with Reiki & Sound

In 2021, I took an online Reiki class on clearing a room or even an entire house. While I haven’t practiced Reiki space clearing for a while, I felt a strong urge to write an article about it.

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We are living during a time where shadowy and dark energies prevail. We absorb those energies into our auras and even our physical bodies then we deposit those energies in our living space. If we tend to have crystals in our home, those crystals also absorb the darker energies and can even magnetize them into the space.

Another way denser energy gets stuck and stagnant in a room or home is when the home is filled with clutter or is unclean. I recommend physically cleaning a room and clearing away clutter prior to the Reiki or sound space clearing. This means to first remove all clutter. Give away things you no longer need, recycle paper you no longer need, give magazines away or recycle them. Make sure there are no food products sitting around rotting in a corner or shelf.

Then remove dust and vacuum. Arrange the furniture in a way that creates energy flow in the room. I’m not a Feng Shui expert so you would need to research that part yourself. The next step is to remove all the crystals and gemstones from the space and cleanse them. Some stones and crystals can be cleansed in water; and others are destroyed by water. Some crystals handle sitting in salt while others are destroyed by salt. Do your appropriate research on cleansing your unique crystals and stones.

You can also sage the room and the crystals one at a time or use a singing bowl or tuning forks to instantly clear the crystals. Some crystals such as amethyst and citrine never require cleanings, ditto for selenite. In fact, placing other crystals next to amethyst, citrine, and selenite cleanses those crystals and stones.

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Once your crystals are cleansed place them in a grid or use your intuition for the placement of the crystals in the room.

If you are trained in the first two levels of Reiki, you can use Reiki to clear your space. You can also bring in the Power Symbol and the Emotional Symbol. Set your intentions that these symbols help with clearing the space of denser energies. Then find a place to sit where you will be comfortable and beam the Reiki throughout the room or space.

Conclude like you always conclude a session. Remember to thank the Reiki life force energy and intent that it continue to clear the space and to bring in unconditional love as long as needed.

If you are not trained in Reiki, you can use singing bowls, mantras (for clearing dense energies), or prayers. You can use a drum and rattles to clear the space. Rattles break up energy. You can also chant kirtans or play a musical instrument in a peaceful way. I prefer to play the Native American flute and then follow up with a sacred song or prayer.

When you feel lightness and peace in the room, you can conclude your clearing session by burning sweet grass or using the sweet grass spray/mist. You can also use a spray blend that includes Frankincense or sandalwood.

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To keep sweetness in the room, make sure that you have rose quartz or fluorite in the space. These don’t need to be larger crystals. Any size will do.

Once the space is clear, refrain from bringing a TV or other device in the space. If you have a studio where this isn’t possible, you’ll need to clear your space each time that you bring toxic news or any messages with a heavy density into the space. If you have had a challenging week then you will need to clear the space again.

The end goal is to have a space that feels light and peaceful. You might, if you can afford it, bringing in goldfish, houseplants, and a little water fountain into the room. If you don’t have time to clear your space, you can also play sound therapy recordings that will clear the space for you. There are many on YouTube or you can purchase them online at various websites that sell new age recordings.

Having a clear and purified space lends itself to your well-being. It’s not enough to detox the body with a healthy diet. We also need to detox our living and working spaces. And during this time of darkness, there is still light available. Welcome that light into your space by clearing the way for it to enter.

Just like we can’t fit more clothing into a cluttered closet, it is a challenge to bring light and peace into a cluttered space. And clearing your space does not need to be elaborate or complicated. Work with what you have as far as abilities and resources. Sometimes just clearing away cluttered and doing a deep cleaning on a living space does the trick.

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