North Node in Cancer (Time To Accept Destiny)

As a Cancerian, I feel like I’m a reliable spokesperson for the North Node in Cancer and the way this particular node is shaping the collective. The North Node is not a planet but a marker on an astrology chart that lets us know where the transits for the eclipses. Yet, the North Node isContinue reading “North Node in Cancer (Time To Accept Destiny)”

Shifting Fear into Love & Excitement

Many spiritual teachers remind us that we live during exciting times. But on some days it’s like we’re living out the plot of a thriller, and in some cases, a horror movie. We find ourselves acting more out of stupidity than logic. We forget about our gifts of intuition and discernment. So, how do weContinue reading “Shifting Fear into Love & Excitement”

Whole Astrology–5 Planets in Earth and Water (Jupiter through Pluto)

  When Jupiter moves into Capricorn on December 2, all the outer planets from Jupiter to Pluto will be in Earth and Water Signs. Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto transit in Earth Signs and Neptune continues to sail in its sign, Pisces. This creates flow in spirituality and in material wealth. However, last time JupiterContinue reading “Whole Astrology–5 Planets in Earth and Water (Jupiter through Pluto)”

Planet Alert—Jupiter Transits into Sagittarius in November 2018

  On November 8, 2018, Jupiter transits into its own sign, Sagittarius. This is big news despite Jupiter changing signs every 12 months because both Jupiter and Sagittarius rule “big” through their expansiveness and even hyperbole associated with Sagittarius. Since Sagittarius rules religion, the legal system, higher education (academic), the world stage, foreign travel, ethnicContinue reading “Planet Alert—Jupiter Transits into Sagittarius in November 2018”

Whole Astrology: This Astrologer Gets Personal

Often astrologers appear detached as they give the forecast of current or upcoming transits with articles or with podcasts. Some astrologers share personal stories which helps us relate to them better. However, there is a fine line between sharing stories or allowing personal stories to dominate the collective. I’m about to walk that fine line.Continue reading “Whole Astrology: This Astrologer Gets Personal”

Neptune Girl’s Powerful Forecasts (channel session) for 2018

What’s coming up? End of economic classes begins. Finland is on the upswing, Russia is on the downslide. Earth changes coupled with human-made industries clash causing strange weather patterns and natural disasters. We become more mobile and enter the Aquarius Age of collectives…

Whole Astrology–Gemini Full Moon (still feeling it)

The Gemini Full Moon and Mercury RX in Sagittarius are still in effect. Often times, a full moon passes us by and we think that’s the end of it. Find out what this Gemini Full Moon is about. And then look for it in your Natal Chart because that is the areas of your lifeContinue reading “Whole Astrology–Gemini Full Moon (still feeling it)”

Whole Astrology–Saturn Transits into Capricorn in December 2017

Saturn Returns to its own sign, Capricorn on December 20, 2017. If you were born with Saturn in Capricorn, get ready to lead the pack.