Intuitive Coaching 101–Invest in Self-Discovery (Get an Astrology Reading)

  In my quest for spiritual wisdom and ascension, I have known many teachers, healers, and diviners. I have experienced numerous astrology and card readers (not just from one reader and only one time). Yet, I’ve met “spiritual seekers” who are satisfied with a single astrology reading they had done for them a decade ago.Continue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–Invest in Self-Discovery (Get an Astrology Reading)”

Tips to Getting the Best from an Astrology Reading

  Expert astrologers work hard for the money. This means they charge between $100 and $500 an hour, depending on the level of expertise and notoriety. Not only that, an astrology consultation for some people is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, with that in mind, wouldn’t you want to get the best experience from your astrologyContinue reading “Tips to Getting the Best from an Astrology Reading”

Whole Astrology: This Astrologer Gets Personal

Often astrologers appear detached as they give the forecast of current or upcoming transits with articles or with podcasts. Some astrologers share personal stories which helps us relate to them better. However, there is a fine line between sharing stories or allowing personal stories to dominate the collective. I’m about to walk that fine line.Continue reading “Whole Astrology: This Astrologer Gets Personal”

2 Men Who embody Mutable Transits

When I speak and write about the effects of the Mutable Transits of 2015 through 2017, I often don’t have concrete examples. However, if you want to see the movement and revolution in action, check out Senator Bernie Sanders, a Virgo Sun, running for US President and also Pope Francis. I will leave you withContinue reading “2 Men Who embody Mutable Transits”

Whole Astrology–Children Come Bearing Gifts

While some children have delved into dance, music, and athletic training during their pubescent or teen years, most children perform better when they begin training at a much earlier age. However, what I’ve seen happening is parents using a patchwork approach to discovering their children’s talents and passions. The problem with this trial and errorContinue reading “Whole Astrology–Children Come Bearing Gifts”

Whole Astrology–Gaze at Pope Francis

Ever so often I run into an astrological chart that is so delicious that I salivate over it. What I mean by that is when I view a chart where the person lives out their destiny as seen in the blueprint of the Natal Chart it leaves me breathless–such is the case with Pope FrancisContinue reading “Whole Astrology–Gaze at Pope Francis”

Whole Astrology–Reinterpreting a Natal Chart

People often say to me, “Oh, you’re an astrologer. I had my chart read once.” As if once is enough. The problem with reading a chart only one time is that the complexity of the configurations and aspects of a chart take years of understanding. And as we evolve those configurations, challenges, and blessings takeContinue reading “Whole Astrology–Reinterpreting a Natal Chart”