North Node in Cancer (Time To Accept Destiny)

As a Cancerian, I feel like I’m a reliable spokesperson for the North Node in Cancer and the way this particular node is shaping the collective. The North Node is not a planet but a marker on an astrology chart that lets us know where the transits for the eclipses. Yet, the North Node isContinue reading “North Node in Cancer (Time To Accept Destiny)”

Shifting Fear into Love & Excitement

Many spiritual teachers remind us that we live during exciting times. But on some days it’s like we’re living out the plot of a thriller, and in some cases, a horror movie. We find ourselves acting more out of stupidity than logic. We forget about our gifts of intuition and discernment. So, how do weContinue reading “Shifting Fear into Love & Excitement”

Intuitive Coaching 101–Invest in Self-Discovery (Get an Astrology Reading)

  In my quest for spiritual wisdom and ascension, I have known many teachers, healers, and diviners. I have experienced numerous astrology and card readers (not just from one reader and only one time). Yet, I’ve met “spiritual seekers” who are satisfied with a single astrology reading they had done for them a decade ago.Continue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–Invest in Self-Discovery (Get an Astrology Reading)”

Tips to Getting the Best from an Astrology Reading

  Expert astrologers work hard for the money. This means they charge between $100 and $500 an hour, depending on the level of expertise and notoriety. Not only that, an astrology consultation for some people is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, with that in mind, wouldn’t you want to get the best experience from your astrologyContinue reading “Tips to Getting the Best from an Astrology Reading”

Whole Astrology–5 Planets in Earth and Water (Jupiter through Pluto)

  When Jupiter moves into Capricorn on December 2, all the outer planets from Jupiter to Pluto will be in Earth and Water Signs. Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto transit in Earth Signs and Neptune continues to sail in its sign, Pisces. This creates flow in spirituality and in material wealth. However, last time JupiterContinue reading “Whole Astrology–5 Planets in Earth and Water (Jupiter through Pluto)”

Neptune Girl Astrology–10 Reasons You Need to Learn Astrology

  Why do you need to learn astrology? If you want to know yourself better, make a healthy career and lifestyle choices, or even know your children better, than learning astrology acts as a lifeline. But there’s more… If you believe that the world doesn’t revolve around the stars, you are partially wrong. If youContinue reading “Neptune Girl Astrology–10 Reasons You Need to Learn Astrology”

Neptune Girl–Astrology for this New Age

I have noticed that for several years as more people shift consciousness, that old-school astrology no longer works. When I refer to old school astrology, I’m mainly talking about predictions. We live in a quantum age that involves multiple timelines and multiple scenarios. So, if we visit an astrologer or even a card reader todayContinue reading “Neptune Girl–Astrology for this New Age”

Neptune Girl–My Top 6 Astrologers for 2019

    Actually, I’m presenting my short list of favorite YouTube astrologers in this post. And I wanted to stick to a diverse list including men and women as well as, younger and older astrologers. Despite the popularity of astrology on YouTube, astrology is still considered a fringy esoteric practice. When we mention that we’reContinue reading “Neptune Girl–My Top 6 Astrologers for 2019”