5 Tips for Self-Nurturing When You are Shelter-less

The last thing you think of when you’re in the survival mode is self-care. However, it’s the first practice that comes to mind for people who are living in between homes. Yet, it’s a challenge to eat healthy (eat at all sometimes), get rest, and meditate. I’ve lived between homes three times since September 2014.Continue reading “5 Tips for Self-Nurturing When You are Shelter-less”

5 Benefits of Hiring an Animal Psychic

I wonder if pet owners think of animal psychics as a luxury only for affluent people. And yet, pet owners will spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on fancy collars, decorative clothing, and more toys than a dog or cat could ever need or enjoy. Hiring an animal communicator is right up there withContinue reading “5 Benefits of Hiring an Animal Psychic”

5 Childhood Wounds That Keep You Enslaved to Others

While I’m not a psychologists or mental health counselor, I’m a recovering co-dependent who has been in the process of healing childhood wounds. And the wounds showed up for me as difficulties with interpersonal communication, attracting people with personality disorders, and inability to fully commit to anything due to self-worth issues. During the past twoContinue reading “5 Childhood Wounds That Keep You Enslaved to Others”

Indulge Your Inner Child

In the new age and alternative healing communities we hear about healing the inner child. And part of that healing is to resolve any deprivation we experienced as a child and to give that inner child a voice or a way to express his or her authentic self. And this could be as buying yourselfContinue reading “Indulge Your Inner Child”

5 Benefits I Received From a Reiki Practice

Even though I’ve known about Reiki since the 1990s, I didn’t train as a Reiki practitioner until the spring and summer of 2020. Some practitioners and masters say that Reiki finds you and at the right time. I found that it is a mistake not to continue the self-Reiki practice that begins with the firstContinue reading “5 Benefits I Received From a Reiki Practice”

Buzz & Bark Animal Reiki–A Dog’s Secrets

Perhaps, calling this post A Dog’s Secrets isn’t the right title. However, if your dog is showing signs of anxiety and you’ve already had the dog checked out by animal doctor, then consider the following information. By now, it’s common knowledge that a dog’s sense of smell is much greater than ours. In addition, soContinue reading “Buzz & Bark Animal Reiki–A Dog’s Secrets”

Self-Care For Humans & Their Pets

Our animal companions experience stress and anxiety when we deal with the pandemic, weather, economic breakdowns and ill health. When we complain, rant, or refuse to accept reality, our animal companions grow agitated. And if we don’t notice and find an outlet for the animals to express their emotions, they can become aggressive or depressed.Continue reading “Self-Care For Humans & Their Pets”

Intuitive Coaching 101–Thriving During a Pandemic

    One day, you’re living your fast-paced life, checking off a  to-do list, and planning your career for the next five years, and then weeks later, you’re only goal is to come out of lockdown and hightail it to the closest hair salon. Or maybe during the governor orders to stay home had youContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–Thriving During a Pandemic”

North Node in Cancer (Time To Accept Destiny)

As a Cancerian, I feel like I’m a reliable spokesperson for the North Node in Cancer and the way this particular node is shaping the collective. The North Node is not a planet but a marker on an astrology chart that lets us know where the transits for the eclipses. Yet, the North Node isContinue reading “North Node in Cancer (Time To Accept Destiny)”