Connected with The Spirits of Animals

Perhaps, it seems impossible to some that an animal communicator can work with an animal that is 3,000 miles away. I work from photographs and the communication I received from the animals is accurate. When I speak to the animals I’m connected with a longtime friend called Spirit. Animal communication has been around for centuries.Continue reading “Connected with The Spirits of Animals”

5 Benefits I Received From a Reiki Practice

Even though I’ve known about Reiki since the 1990s, I didn’t train as a Reiki practitioner until the spring and summer of 2020. Some practitioners and masters say that Reiki finds you and at the right time. I found that it is a mistake not to continue the self-Reiki practice that begins with the firstContinue reading “5 Benefits I Received From a Reiki Practice”

If We Could Talk to the Animals

Did you know that your companion animals want to have a conversation with you? That’s right. They have something to say. Animal communication is more than observing body behavior or barking or meowing. It is telepathic communication mainly using images, emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Last night as I was falling asleep, a thought occurred toContinue reading “If We Could Talk to the Animals”

Root & Sacral Chakra Blockages in Animals

As an animal Reiki practitioner I want to talk about chakras. Yes, animals have chakras and there are empaths and healers who can see those chakras. And just like with humans, when the animal experiences trauma this creates an energy block in the chakras. The first two chakras are the most concern to me. OrContinue reading “Root & Sacral Chakra Blockages in Animals”

Buzz & Bark Animal Reiki–A Dog’s Secrets

Perhaps, calling this post A Dog’s Secrets isn’t the right title. However, if your dog is showing signs of anxiety and you’ve already had the dog checked out by animal doctor, then consider the following information. By now, it’s common knowledge that a dog’s sense of smell is much greater than ours. In addition, soContinue reading “Buzz & Bark Animal Reiki–A Dog’s Secrets”

Shifting Fear into Love & Excitement

Many spiritual teachers remind us that we live during exciting times. But on some days it’s like we’re living out the plot of a thriller, and in some cases, a horror movie. We find ourselves acting more out of stupidity than logic. We forget about our gifts of intuition and discernment. So, how do weContinue reading “Shifting Fear into Love & Excitement”

Intuitive Coaching 101—Flower Essences Heal the Heart of the Matter

I am open to the flow when it comes to healing deep core issues. After all, I’ve been chipping away at my deeper wounds for several decades, and it took several decades to increase the suffering from the wounds. Lately, my wounds have shown up in a long bout with I.B.S. so I headed toContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101—Flower Essences Heal the Heart of the Matter”

Photo Therapy-Where You Place Your Focus

We’ve all heard of music therapy, a growing profession these days. And you have probably heard of art therapy and cinema therapy. But have you considered photography as a healing modality? I’ve been doing photography for most of my life and I have had an interest in it since the age of ten when myContinue reading “Photo Therapy-Where You Place Your Focus”