Spiritual Essay on Faith

  Faith is believing in what you can’t see or experience yet. It is believing in potential of light during the darkest of times. I encountered faith often when I lived between homes. And while I cannot speak for millions of homeless people who sleep on couches of strangers and friends; I cannot speak forContinue reading “Spiritual Essay on Faith”

Neptune Girl’s Powerful Forecasts (channel session) for 2018

What’s coming up? End of economic classes begins. Finland is on the upswing, Russia is on the downslide. Earth changes coupled with human-made industries clash causing strange weather patterns and natural disasters. We become more mobile and enter the Aquarius Age of collectives…

Intuitive Coaching 101–Raising Frequency Transforms Your Life

Have you ever gone through the task of making vision boards, writing affirmations, and visualizing a certain goal or desire, only not to care about it when it finally shows up? This happens when we raise our frequency because we have expanded beyond the original wish that we wanted to manifest. Here’s an example. YouContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–Raising Frequency Transforms Your Life”

Intuitive Coaching 101–What if Death was Graduation from Earth?

  Perhaps, this concept is absurd to some folks. But what if death was a graduation from the Earth plane? What if it wasn’t a failure to overcome a disease, to heal oneself, or to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? I woke up this morning with the epiphany that death comesContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–What if Death was Graduation from Earth?”

Intuitive Coaching 101–First Aid for Narcissistic Abuse (Self-Love)

In the past two years since I learned about narcissism, I have met countless people who have suffered narcissistic abuse. They often have hurt or angry expressions on their faces, poor posture, and low self-esteem. They believe that they are shattered but have survived the shattering. And then I discovered wise sages who suffered thisContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–First Aid for Narcissistic Abuse (Self-Love)”

Returning Salmon & The Arts of Death, Rebirth, & Transformation

Many of us have grown up with the tale of the salmon–who returns to spawn and die in the place of their birth. And there are many angles to take from the heroic determination of the salmon on its final quest, the eagle who waits patiently at the top of a waterfall to feast onContinue reading “Returning Salmon & The Arts of Death, Rebirth, & Transformation”