The Collective and the Coronavirus

So often we hear about the great web of life that connects us all. But this is a nice concept rather than part of our everyday reality. Then a virus comes along that causes a pandemic across the Earth. When the virus scare began, one of the things I noticed was the myriad of connectionsContinue reading “The Collective and the Coronavirus”

An Indigo Alternative to Thanksgiving Day USA

  Face the truth. The Thanksgiving holiday in the US has nothing in common with the original celebration between the American Indians and the Puritans who came over on the Mayflower, except perhaps some of the food choices such as squash, cranberries, and wild birds. And for the Indians, that time did not go soContinue reading “An Indigo Alternative to Thanksgiving Day USA”

Intuitive Coaching 101–Facing Adversaries with Dignity

During recent months, I found myself in the throes of the most painful days of my life. Actually, this dark period began in 2014 and has continued through 2017. Even though I said that I was done talking about narcissists, the truth is that I find myself embroiled in a den of them. Sometimes IContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–Facing Adversaries with Dignity”

Intuitive Coaching 101–Red Flags Waving (Watch out for Challenging Personalities)

  Save yourself the drama and trauma to your body and mind by watching for the following behaviors. Life is short and we’re not on this planet to cater to the needs of challenging people (narcissists, sociopaths, and drama kings). Focus on your own joys and passions. Red Flags: People who have no sense ofContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–Red Flags Waving (Watch out for Challenging Personalities)”

Is American Society Suffering from Infantilism?

Recently, while I was spending time on YouTube, a video on infantilism popped up. In this video, the presenter said that children of narcissistic parents (or controlling and manipulative parents) become adults who suffer from infantilism. While I am still confused about this psychological condition, the British Dictionary defines it as: a condition in whichContinue reading “Is American Society Suffering from Infantilism?”

Intuitive Coaching 101–First Aid for Narcissistic Abuse (Self-Love)

In the past two years since I learned about narcissism, I have met countless people who have suffered narcissistic abuse. They often have hurt or angry expressions on their faces, poor posture, and low self-esteem. They believe that they are shattered but have survived the shattering. And then I discovered wise sages who suffered thisContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–First Aid for Narcissistic Abuse (Self-Love)”

Intuitive Coaching 101–It’s Not Your Fault (when you feel angry at a narcissist)

I know that I said I wouldn’t write any more posts about narcissists. The problem is that narcissists in all their various stripes are throwing chaos upon the world. They run our economies, they run corporations, the government, the media, and all the industries and religions. They show up as teachers in schools. They showContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–It’s Not Your Fault (when you feel angry at a narcissist)”

Intuitive Coaching 101–Things to do Around People with Toxic Behaviors

A year ago, I didn’t know much about narcissists. And three years ago, I had no idea that the reason I suffered from depression and low self-esteem was due to narcissists who circled my life like vultures. I had been dealing with their manipulation and control my entire life until my Spirit Guides showed meContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–Things to do Around People with Toxic Behaviors”

Intuitive Coaching 101–Tools for Dealing with Narcissists

Narcissism is a hot topic in the blogging world and in magazines these days. Something like 25% of the population suffers from narcissism, a personality disorder that has three traits. So this means that we share our workspace, our homes, and our communities with people who often act like bottom feeders and who require someoneContinue reading “Intuitive Coaching 101–Tools for Dealing with Narcissists”